The cement jungle. (And it really is a small world.)

Fred and I often bike ride in the mornings now, and we travel the one road that takes us from Rum Point through Old Man Bay and down towards East End here in Grand Cayman.  The island has only a few main roads that take you from one end of the island, all the way around to the other end.  There is one point where you can cut across the middle of the island, and that means that the road from the half-way point from one end along the coast to our end is typically somewhat deserted. 

We have made the drive many, many times around East End, as this is the way to the Health City hospital where Fred had both his hips replaced. (At different times, fortunately.)  It’s a beautiful drive, but to be honest there are no drives on this island that are not amazing.  

Each time we are on this particular stretch of Queen’s Highway, we are amazed by one particular yard that we pass.  It’s a large sandy yard that stretches for almost half of a football field, and is filled with amazing sculptures.  

There is a large sign in front of the yard, near the road, that welcomes anyone passing to park and admire the sculptures.  One day last week when biking I took them up on their offer! Fred and I stopped and placed our bikes in the little parking area and walked from sculpture to sculpture. I was floored at the beauty and whimsy, and found many more pieces tucked here and there that weren’t as large and obvious as the ones you can easily see from the road. 

There were Cayman chickens and roosters, iguanas, an octopus and so many other things that are native to the islands.   I took as many pictures as time would allow, and then we went on our way to continue our bike ride. We’ve seen this yard so many times, and I was so pleased that I stopped to take a closer look. 

Last night we made our cocktails, and walked across the street to watch the sunset. We try to do this every single night, as it gives us a chance to reflect on the day.  It also is a nice way for us to slow down and remember how very grateful we are to be able to be here in among this beauty and serenity. We certainly don’t take a single day for granted.  

As we made our way back across the beach with our neighbors, we noticed a couple carrying a cooler and making their way to their car which was parked right next to our unit. As we approached them they said hello, and we said hello back. 

“Wasn’t that a gorgeous sunset?” we remarked. 

“Yes! And this is the first time since we've been back on island that we’ve left our own place to come over here,” they said. “We live over towards East End.” 

“Oh,” said Fred, “We ride our bikes that way almost every day. Which house is yours?” 

“We live in the house that has the cement jungle.” 

Fred and I both looked a bit confused, and they added, “You know, the place with the sculptures!” 

“Oh My God!” I said. “We were just taking pictures there the other day! We love going by your place!” 

“Well, I am Dave and this is Kathy.  Please, please stop and chat with us the next time you go by. We would love to chat with you. You can also see the NEW creation I am working on!” 

And, because I wanted to believe him, we assured him that we would stop. I couldn’t believe that the only other people watching the sunset that night at Rum Point was the couple from the coolest yard on the island.  I can’t WAIT to hear his story, and find out what magical creature will be popping up next in his magical cement jungle! Stay tuned!



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