Life is Grand, indeed.

Many people are lucky enough to discover things that they are passionate about.  For some it’s painting, knitting, sewing or cooking. For others it might be some form of activity such as bicycling, basketball, skateboarding, skiing or jogging. (Although why in God’s name anyone would be passionate about jogging is beyond me.)

Like so many others, I have always loved the water.  I loved it growing up, and have always been drawn to it my adult life.  I feel a sense of peace and tranquility when I’m near it. I don’t care if it’s salt water, fresh water or a mountain stream.  Over the years I would take every opportunity to visit my sister in Mystic, Connecticut, or Kittery, Maine, and we would spend every moment together at a beach.  My children accompanied me as they were growing up, and aside from Golden Boy (“I hate the sand in my swimsuit!!”) they loved it, as well. In addition to loving the water, I am passionate about snorkeling. I absolutely love it- and have become somewhat of a fanatic.

When I first thought I would start dating I said to a friend of mine, “Well, I’m not sure who I’m going to meet, but it sure would be nice if they had a boat.”  Of course I was thinking of going to a lake, or some place in the middle of Pennsylvania that might satisfy that need I have to be close to the water.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I that my soulmate would actually have a home on a Caribbean Island.  In fact, about 9 months after dating he brought me here- and I was stunned. I had never seen such beautiful water, such amazing beaches and such breathtaking plants and wildlife.  I said to Fred, “You know, you could have led with this trip and locked me in on Day 1!”. He laughed and laughed, remembering - I’m sure - that he told me about the place long before we even started dating.  

We are here now enjoying a couple more days in the sun before we head back to the cold temperatures of the Northeast.  I do love the balance of being able to enjoy all kinds of weather, but being down here just feeds my soul.

I have been lucky enough to meet some ladies who live here and who also love to snorkel.  There are several boats between them, and they’ve rung me up each morning to see if I want to join them for snorkels on the reef.  The island of Grand Cayman is surrounded by a natural reef that is an amazing snorkeling destination for many tourists and locals alike.  

We go to various spots on the reef, don our gear and go out for a snorkel.  We swim back to the boat, enjoy a nice lunch and head out for a second snorkel.  I have to say that these experiences have added such joy and peace to my life, and I couldn’t be more grateful for these opportunities.  

I want to share some wonderful photos that I recently captured with my SECOND underwater camera. You may remember the camera debacle from last Christmas, right? Well, Fred sent it back and had to buy another one. Apparently they don’t cover idiotic mishaps when one doesn’t properly close the battery compartment to the camera before snorkeling. Who knew?

I hope you enjoy some of what I’ve been seeing here in the Grand Island of Cayman.  

Now get out there and find something you're passionate about! 


I'm sure it's on You Tube SOMEWHERE.

The headline of this story really SHOULD be “I AM IN GRAND CAYMAN FOR CHRISTMAS for God’s Sake!”  However, that’s not the premise of this particular story. Yes, I am down here (IN THE CAYMAN ISLANDS FOR GOD’S SAKE) with Fred and Bitchy and her prince for the holidays.  Fred has a place here, and I am so fortunate (i.e. damn lucky) to join him here as often as I can.

The holiday was grand, indeed. And frankly every day with someone who loves you is grand.  But that’s beside the point.

We spent many days lazing in the sun, biking, beachcombing, dining at the Ritze, celebrating, walking, watching sunsets and jetting around the ocean on our Jet Skis.  It was magnificent, indeed.

We took Bitchy and the Prince to the airport around lunchtime yesterday, and I might have cried in the car after we bid them goodbye.  (Like all mothers do.)

I decided to soothe my heart by taking my Jet Ski out on the water.  My fella was replacing a battery on his Jet-Ski in the front yard (That’s another post ENTIRELY) and wasn’t able to witness the events that were to come.   

Thank God.

I grabbed the Jet Ski vest and bopped to the back of the townhouse to the bay where we keep the skis on Jet Ski docks we had installed two years ago.  I pushed the ski out a bit from the dock so that I could hop on and rock it the rest of the way off. While it was teetering on the edge of the dock, I realized the key to the Jet Ski was NOT attached to the vest.  

(Just to give you an idea of the dock)

(It might not look heavy, but holy hell.)

(The water is filled with murky bay life that sting, like the Cassiopeia Jellyfish...)


I tried like hell to pull the ski back up onto the dock, but the 1,100 pound Jet Ski was too much for me. It’s DIDN’T BUDGE.  I thought that MAYBE it would stay where it was while I zipped down the dock to our unit to retrieve the key.

Surely it wouldn’t move.

As soon as I turned my back to hop up onto the dock, I noticed the Ski sliding into the water.  Of course.

And then, like those slow motion videos in the movies, I turned and lunged for it! I  lost my balance and hopped over the the left of the plastic dock.Then I lost my balance AGAIN and had to hop to the right, all the while lunging toward the Jet Ski as it rolled into the water like a runaway train.  

In a split second I realized I HAD to jump into the water towards the runaway ski and I leapt like an elephant trying to fly.  

I landed in the water, holding onto the side of the ski, amazed that I even survived the incident. Honestly, I am SURE I looked like a huge pinball bouncing to and fro across the dock. Of course after landing on the ski I slowly slid off of it into the foul smelling water of the bay.

I grabbed the side of the ski as my feet sank into the muddy, squishy bottom of the bay- hoping I was avoiding the stinging jellyfish that covered the bottom of the bay.

As I stood in the water holding the ski I noticed a young family on the beach opposite the dock who had apparently been fortunate enough to  watch the entire incident. The little girl was clapping gleefully and laughing, while the mother looked very worried about me!

“Are you all right,” she shouted.  

“I guess that’s what I get for not being more prepared!  And that might have looked hysterical, but it was pretty amazing for someone with two new knees and a new hip!”

“Well, I have trouble with my paddle board, so good for you!!”

I smiled as I looked at her well-toned athletic figure and knew she was lying. “I’m pretty sure if YOU had just pulled what I pulled, it wouldn’t end up on America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

I woke up this morning sore from head to toe.  Now, I’m off to take a hundred pain killers and try to find some Icy Hot. It may be a “lying on the beach” kind of day.  


I have glitter in every piece of clothing I own...

We have spent several BILLION days making menorahs, Christmas trees, Kwanza pictures, Santa’s, stockings, Greeting cards and anything else that REMOTELY resembles a holiday in December. 

After reading books about REAL Reindeer, and talking about the “other” reindeer, we also made a bag of “reindeer food” that consisted of marshmallows, glitter and love. (Did I mention I have a headache?) 

As I sent the children out the door today amidst a cloud of glitter, sequins and confectioner’s sugar, and carrying their reindeer food in their hands, I heard one little girl ask another what was in the bag. Her response? 

“It’s for the goats.”