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Postcards from the Edge.....of Grand Cayman

Anique is a petite, delightful waitress at one of our favorite restaurants here on Grand Cayman.
I’ve known her for 6 years, but Fred has known her for at least 20. 

She has been on island here for 24 years and has worked all of them at her brother Phillipe's
restaurant.The original The Edge restaurant in Bodden Town was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004.
He now has Over The Edge, the place he built here near Rum Point after the hurricane. 

“I was born in a little town near Lyon. I am 68 years old you know!” Trust me when I tell you,
she doesn’t look 68.  “I have traveled ze world,” she told me in her beautiful French accent.
“I’ve been to Yugoslav, Belgium, Russia, United States, Ukraine and also Egypt. 

“I MUST tell you about Egypt. I was there with my husband. Did you know I was married for
three years before he died of a massive heart attack? Well, I was.He was 29 years old when he died.
But, once we were in Egypt and I wanted to go to ze pyramids. I have always wanted to see ze pyramids.
So, we went to ze pyramids. And right when we were about to STEP into ze pyramids, I had a horrible
feeling that something terrible happened to me in there! I would not go in!  I said ‘No! Something
terrible happened to me in there’, and so we went to another pyramid.  

“In that one, I did not get ze horrible feeling and we went in. Then, in one place ze light beams
shown down on me, and I heard a voice that was speaking to me. It told me things about my life in
Egypt. I will tell you about it some time when we can go to lunch. 

“I am very mystical that way.” 


The Book of Stella....finally....

So, while we were all celebrating Bitchy's wedding last weekend, I forgot to mention one tiny little thing.


Now available on Amazon, if you are so inclined, is The Book of Stella. I worked on this during my last year of teaching (I retired in JUNE!!) and it is, in fact, a love letter to all of the Stella's I've had over my career. They are the reason that teaching is the BEST job ever.  Well, except for the meetings. And maybe the paperwork....and a few administrators that perhaps should have found another career...other than THOSE things, it truly is the best job ever.

I've been working on this for years, and like every other author, I have finally decided that I can't keep checking it and simply have to pull the trigger.   MANY thanks to Sara Henry (the amazing author and editor) for her unwavering patience.

So, without further ado, here is the link:

The Book of Stella....

and one final request.  If you DO read the book and you DO like it, please leave a review on Amazon. That is very important. If you DO read the book and you HATE it, then we will never speak of it again.