Stuff About Me

I am a teacher, a writer, and the mother of three children. I've decided I'll never give up. No matter how many battles I lose; no matter how many tears I shed; no matter how many martinis I have to drink, I will continue to fight the good fight! I love to laugh, believe that every day is a new day, and thank God each morning that I am still here.

And no; I can't do that particular jump anymore.  (Only in my dreams, my friends. Only in my dreams.)


Evil Twin Sister said...
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PB and J said...

Vodkamom, thank you for sharing you with us all. You are great.

freefun0616 said...
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Snookie said...

I just read your entire blog today. When I should have been working! But I loved it. Thanks for sharing.

Waltsense.com said...

Sweet blog and ever better name. Funny stuff and cool enough to raise my kids one day. Good job!

T said...

I just popped over from SITS (btw - happy Saturday Sharefest) and I'm hooked!

I will be adding you so that I can come back and read everything!!

Robin said...

very funny..Im following, glad ive found your blog..!!

Jackie said...

Happy SITS Sharefest. What a good Saturday find - count me as follower #1474.

thecoconutdiaries said...

I just spend the morning with you at the BlogHer registration desk and I may have a little bloggy-crush on you. You are hysterical and made my morning so fun. Looking forward to adding you to my daily reads!

Alexia said...

Dude, you are, like, a bit hilarious and stuff. Awesome.

MacDougal Street Baby said...

Just found you and I'm already hooked.

Pipi said...

Love your site, keep writing!

Air Purifiers said...

I was really inspired when I read the part about not giving up battles, etc...but then I got to the part about being thankful your kids didn't sneak into your room and kill you, and I just had to laugh out loud! Haha. But just cause they don't kill you in your sleep doesn't mean they can't be slowly poisoning your food...


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