Mrs. Frizzle I am not.

A quick note to all customers who were unfortunately shopping at the Jackson Avenue Bi-Lo Supermarket Monday afternoon during the kindergarten field trip:

Thank you for not minding the noise and chaos as the children RAN over to the free samples in the bakery department. We hope you didn’t try any of the samples that were left in the donut hole container, and we’re sorry that Jill sneezed into it.

We apologize if we knocked anyone over as we played a raucous game of follow the leader with our fabulous tour-guide Jon, who informed us his ONLY rule was no touching the stuff. (I KNEW he’d regret that.)

I want to apologize to the elderly gentleman who dropped his milk when he saw Ethan’s face sitting on the shelf from inside the cooler. Thanks for being such a good sport, and I’m glad that wasn’t an actual heart attack you were having.

To the workers behind the seafood counter: I am sorry that the kids began chanting “Save the lobster” when you were filling an order for a customer. I know you believe me when I tell you that there is NO stopping a chant once it gets started.

To the young lady who thought she was cleaning up a water spill in the fresh fruit and vegetable section, we’ll just let you believe that. We are currently potty training a child that we THOUGHT was potty trained and have discovered over the last 62 days that he is not. Obviously SOMEONE forgot to force him to go to the bathroom before we left. (And when I say someone, I mean me.)

To the girl who had to re-build the Christmas tree built out of 2 liter Canada Dry Ginger-Ale bottles; sorry. Boys CANNOT keep their hands off each other, and love to play WWF when the teacher isn’t looking. Sorry about the one bottle that exploded. I guess it hit the ground funny after bouncing off of my back.

To the gentleman who jokingly commented to me as I was leaving, “Teacher’s don’t get paid nearly enough.”

You. Are. Right.


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