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that one girl said...

so my award for you isn't as cool as say a "humor press" award...but i think it's kinda nifty....come get it....it's on my page....

p.s. still no coffee in my house...i'm giving "Bitchy" a run for her money...

Valerie Reilly said...

hi dolly, i skittered around on your blog... desperate for a drink. please steer me to your blogposts you like the best, with tales of drunken debauchery at the sandbox. i thought i invented the champagne mimosa playgroup? am soooo looking for a soulsister.


freefun0616 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Camille said...

Hi Vodka Mom;
Love your blog. Any idea where FAWTY has gone? I picked up her blog after seeing she was one of your favs. Really enjoyed her site and then...she was gone. What a shame; I miss her and hope she's ok. Any news from her?

Kat @ TodaysCliche.com said...

Vodka Mom... I wanted to pass an award onto your site -- which I just discovered! Specifically, I love your post about The New Years Resolution Revolt. Awesome! Please take the award/button that I earned, and am passing onto you. You can find it here:

Scarily, we have a lot in common! I’m pumped to connect with you!

Kat @ TodaysCliche.com said...

Not sure if you'd receive a comment to my thread, so I hooked you up w/a cut and paste:

"Another scary similarity, I'm drinking Persecco -- literally -- as I type.... have you ever had the honor of a bottle? It's the dreamiest libation I've ever consumed. Keep in touch, girl!"

Laura said...

Hello VM!! I have been clicking your name at Babble every day, & I think you could move up a bit in the rankings if you post another request for your fans to click!! I think the little button on your blog doesn't have enough fanfare to be readily noticeable...

Good luck!!

Zip n Tizzy said...

p.s. Sent you an email, and like the badges.
Glad they're back!

Laura said...

Dear VM,
Babble hasn't "allowed" me to vote for several days now...very frustrating!! Any suggestions?


Rational Chica said...

Ah, finally found a kindred soul. I'm a newbie humorist blogger who considers herself SWAG: sassy, wise and grownup...trying to embrace that piece of myself which is more than wife, mom and full-time employee. I started with: http://irrationalfamily.blogspot.com/ (chronicling the dysfunctional lives of family and friends); then added http://obscenefingergesturesfromsuchap.blogspot.com/ to explore my sassier side. Finally, my cousin and I just started http://sassywiseandgrownup.blogspot.com/ which will eventually be an umbrella site for the two blogs plus whatever floats our boat. I can't wait to explore your site further! Congrats on all the accolades! Kind regards, Leslie Bates aka Rational Chica :)

H said...

So stoked to have stumbled upon your craziness. Nice to find another drinking buddy out there! I am a photographer, writer, mom, eater, drinker, laugher... so your posts are a fun respite.

mccgood said...

Thank you for making me cry, laugh, and smile. My blog is not even on the same level as your awesome blog. Feel free to visit if you would like.

Carolyn said...

Thanks for the laughs. I love your blog. I am a teacher also and those funny things that happen through out the day are the things that keep me going!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you sound like my double. I am going through alot of crap myself. Maybe if I talk to you its good therapy. If you answer me, I will make you laugh! Sue G.

Alison said...

Just read your latest post as I sit here in Sydney ... Hope that you're OK. I will be anxiously looking to see how the MRI went. xxx from down under (oops - didn't mean that to sound rude!) Alison

Pat said...

"If you get into a Towne Car four blocks from your hotel, THINKING it’s a taxi, and the driver tells you “This is your LUCKY DAY!” - don’t believe him."

That must have been the same Towne Car we flagged down, thinking it was a taxi. After asking the prices (there was no meter) he gave us some ridiculous amount. When asked why it was so much, he said, "Because you can tell people you were in Lincoln Towne Car!" Yeah...I may be from the mid-west, but I'm not a country bumpkin. Needless we hopped out in about 2 seconds. LOL

Anonymous said...

Okay, okay, I am definitely not known for my humor. In fact, I am usually the one that people cover their mouths over when I first begin to talk to them. So, as you can see, this could be mean one thing, and one thing only, I am boring as h*** :) I wish I could make you laugh, but alas, it will never happen.
I don't tweet, except when I am talking to the birds in my neighborhood, and I'm almost positive that I will NOT be able to make you laugh.
I still want to be considered for the "Learning to Swim" book, though, just because I am such a wonderful person, and I am honest enough to know my limitations.
I also have to tell you, I am not a cat person, either, because my 3 dog-babies would never allow me to even look at a kittie or cat. They consider that sacrilege, if dogs have that ability. But, still, I hope and pray that this also will not preclude me from being chosen to receive an autographed copy of "Learning to Swim".
Thank you so much for having such wonderful offers.

Eight years and counting said...

So glad I stumbled upon your blog. Being a mom of two (one in Kindergarten) I feel your pain... and I blog to bitch about it as well.
I'm sure you'll appreciate my post about the rotovirus notice that came home from the school nurse today- nothing like good news! especially the kind that is transmitted through feces...

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