Are you KIDDING me???

The saga continues....

So, part two of the story is this: You all know I posted about being
recognized by the agent Michael Bourett, right? (I crack up just saying that...) I posted about it last night, worrying all damn night that perhaps he would be a bit miffed that I mentioned him- or that maybe I had hallucinated the whole damn thing!!!

Then, as IF meeting him wasn’t enough excitement for ONE lifetime, I received the following email when I got home. It was from Alice Pope. ALICE POPE for God’s sake- she’s the editor of the Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market, and has a great
blog that I love to stalk. She was an important component in this SCBWI conference, and was live blogging during the conference. Here’s what she said,

Hey--Michael Bourret just sent me the link to your post about him! He told me he was excited to meet you and he was telling everyone at dinner last night how funny you are.

Someone call 911. I just had a heart attack.


Holy Crap

I am NOT home from the conference yet (tomorrow) but I HAD to post this fantastic story before I fall into an EXHAUSTED sleep.

This morning was officially the second day of the conference, and the "powers that be" had brilliantly set up a panel of four well known, successful agents from NYC agencies. They were up on the stage and presented incredibly valuable information to the 1200 attendees who squeezed into every nook and cranny of the the ballroom. After the Q &A session, they were led by armed escort (ha) into the lobby where they were immediately mauled by crazed children disguised as adult children's book writers.

I managed to get in line behind Michael Bourret, who sounded very enthusiastic, articulate and just damn cool when he was on stage. Well, when I finally got my two minutes with him (jesus these people are good sports...) I told him my name, shook his hand, and said that although I had several picture books I wanted to publish, I was hoping to talk to him about a humorous book that I was thinking about working on, combining my newspaper columns and blog material. Then, as I was shaking inside, he said to me, "Are you VODKAMOM?"

I *&** my pants!! Yep. I was speechless. He looked at me and said, "I follow you on Twitter. I've seen your blog, it's great!" (At least I THINK that's what he said, cause I was STILL shitting my pants. )

Holy crap. Thank God I brought an extra pair of panties. (I'll share more later. I'm still in shock, and frankly I need some vodka.)