Big, Throbbing Nuggets of Comfort

Have you met Anna? Do yourself a favor, and go see her. She is brilliant, hysterical, talented and just as normal as the rest of us.

Dear Vodka,

I'm so happy to be here today on your blog. Thank you for the invite.

Listen, a little birdie told me that you've been facing some tough challenges lately and, although I don't have any details of the situation (frickin' tight-lipped birdie), I want you to know that I'm there for you.

In an effort to try and raise your spirits at the start of this brand-new year, I'd like to share with you some of my favorite quotations – time-honored touchstones that have seen me through many a greasy patch on life's highway.

I hope these sayings provide you with the comfort of knowing that somewhere out there, some very wise people have already stepped in every cow flop in the pasture...and in this way we can learn from them. Enjoy.

"Happiness and bliss are just a choice away. If you want really good Thai food, however, you're going to have to drive." ~ Leo Buscaglia

"When life gives you lemons, freeze them and then wing them off your balcony at people." ~ John Tesh

"It's unavoidable. Some days are just buzzkills." ~ Mother Teresa

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And, if that step happens to be toward Daniel Craig, I'm coming with you." ~ Traditional Chinese Saying

"Watson, you dillweed. It's never going to work if you don't plug it in." ~ Alexander Graham Bell

"When life gets me down, I go for a walk in the woods. I figure if I stay gone long enough, the jerkwads who hurt me are going to think I got eaten by a bear and then the joke's on them, right? Ha!" ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Hang on a minute. Perhaps this isn't as irretrievably effed up as I thought it was." ~ M. Gandhi

Cheers and Happy New Year to you, D.!



I might have to start serving food at this little gathering. But then again, no one would probably eat it.


RottenMom said...

The Lemon one is perfect. I might have to try that.

Great post for Vodkamom and for all the rest of us that might just need to be uplifted!

Kevin McKeever said...

That Watson. Always causing trouble.

SkylersDad said...

Great quotes! Who knew that Gandhi was such a cut up?

Alexandra said...

I love Anna.

She is sunshine to me, too.

Vodka Mom, we all love you...so many love you!!

That Janie Girl said...

Love love love the sayings. And I can see VM cracking up at each of them...

Tish Jett said...

OMG, lol hilarious. Just what we need to start the new year. I hope yours will be filled with joy and fulfilled dreams.

abby jenkins said...

Hilarious! Those should get on bumper stickers, shirts and banners immediately.. what a mother that Teresa is.

Rachel Cotterill said...

Great quotes - I totally approve. But I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling down, I hope things improve soon, and please shout if there's anything I can do for you! x

Anonymous said...

Love these quotes! I think I'll have to freeze me a few lemons. . . just want to be prepared.

Anna Lefler said...

Thanks again for inviting me over, VM! I'm sending huge virtual hugs your way!

2011 is gonna rock, I can just feel it.



Sharon Rose said...

Great words of wisdom. I like that those who spoke them have already stepped in cow flops. That is definitely something to remember.

And regarding the lemons. . . another great thing to do with them.

I see Amy just put all of ours in the freezer! LOL

Notes From ABroad said...

I use that Ghandi quote all the time. It works !
Cheers to you too !

Robb said...

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I've finished up an e-book and would love for you to have a free free free copy.

A payback for all the times I've hijacked your comment thread? Maybe.

I hope for some more free promotion? Definitely.

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Mrs. E said...

I was just getting ready to copy these to add to my chalkboard at school. Then I realized-- parents would not be pleased. Dang it!

Irish Gumbo said...

I think I would have liked to hang out with AG Bell and Gandhi.

Dillweed. Heh.

You know the coolest people.

Jeanne Estridge said...

So much wisdom, distilled into a few pithy sayings.

noexcuses said...

Very funneee! I enjoyed all of them!

Vodka Logic said...

Almost had me until the Mother Theresa one.. all great thanks for making me laugh

Ann Imig said...

I loved this. Thanks, ladies!

The Flying Chalupa said...

Anna, as always, knows just what to say when the chips are down.

Also, did you know that Daniel Craig was born in the Year of the Sexy Monkey?

Gung Hay Fat Choy, people.

dusty earth mother said...

Hilarious, Anna. And I'm with Mom Theresa on the buzzkill thing.

Joanie said...

Anna is a very wise woman. We can all learn from her. I'm with her on the Daniel Craig thing... just sayin'.

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Janet said...

I can so hear Mother Teresa saying that. Thank you. Now I can face the day. Especially since it's Friday.

Lizzie said...

came by from Anna's blog. love you love your show, ha ha. I am your newest follower. what a sweet, fun fabulous place you have here on the blogsphere! :)

Jun Kitatani said...

OMG I just died laughing!! V.M. proved reincarnation!!

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