That guardian angel just won't stop working, will she? (Someone give her a raise.)

Tonight I am preparing for a little trip.

Tomorrow I am driving several hours to spend the weekend wrapped in 1981. Waiting for me in Pittsburgh, Oregon, will be many members of the sorority that was such an important part of my life while in college.

We will meet some of the girls who pledged before us, and many, many, many who pledged after us.

We will talk about midnight kidnappings, pledging challenges, hell night, formals, boyfriends, husbands, children, divorces, loss, life and love.

We will listen to Boz Scaggs, The Commodores, ELO, The Cars, Captain and Tenille, Abba, Hall and Oates, Styx and Leo Sayers.

We will remember the end of the world “Three Mile Island” party; the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan, the marriage of prince Charles and Lady Diana, and the Friday afternoon trips to Nardos followed by the mandatory Steve Martin album and then the pre-party blasting of The Cars. We will most likely see who can recite the Greek Alphabet a hundred times before the match burns out, and possibly walk across some eggshells. I can't be sure. One of TWO of us MIGHT have a cocktail or two, and there may be a beer or two in the vicinity.

We will return to the very moment in our lives when we were young, beautiful, naïve, eager, curious, and hopeful; the particular moment in time when our hearts were still in tact.

And for these few hours we will bask in the knowledge that we are all still here- continuing our incredible journey. But we will be reminded of a very, very important thing.

We are not alone.

And when you have a thousand sisters? We will be reminded that we should never feel alone again.

Now, someone start the music. This lady is ready to dance.


ChiTown Girl said...

Oh my gosh, have fun!!!!

Rebecca Dot Com said...

have a great time, I am so sure you will! :)

Brian Miller said...

dont lie...you will be doing keg stands and body shots...i know all about sororities...smiles.

have a great time.

Unknown said...

Have a mighty, mighty good time lettin' it all hang out :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Sounds like the party is about to start. Have a blast!
xo jj

That gentleman's lady said...

I feel the same way every time I see mine, sometimes several years apart, those sisters of my heart.

Sue said...

Hope you keep dancin' till the cows come home! You deserve a wonderful, relaxed, fun time.

Take care, Sue

Amy said...

Have a wonderful time - hope to make it to the September reunion!

viridian said...

I am exactly of your generation. I have a spare Cars album if you need it.


I'm so surprised that I found you again. My old blog,LIFE IS GOOD, my email and some personal accounts got hacked by a "keylogger" (a new form of internet rape)

I'm finally back on my feet and working on a new blog.

Casey Freeland said...

So awesome. We should all strive to have the passion and optimism and sense of adventure of our younger selves.

Hope it's a blast.



Leslie said...

Have a blast!

Magpie said...

Brick House! That brings back memories. I haven't thought of that song since, oh, 1981-ish.