Reason 450 of why I love living in a small/HUGE college town.

To set the stage, I want to remind you about this little story from two summers ago. It went something like this....

Some of you might remember the little trip I took to visit a few friend at a tiny conference in Chicago the end of July. (BLOGHER people.) My plane ride across the country was punctuated with a stop in the Philadelphia airport. It was there I switched from a large plane to one that I had to practically fly myself.

I had at least a two-hour layover, and spent most of the time at the gate where I was to depart for my flight home.

Not long after arriving at this particular gate, a large family group arrived after what I later learned was a long flight from Italy. They consisted of a “not-quite” middle-aged couple, three or four college-age young people, a young girl and several even younger toddlers. I was mesmerized by this family, and by the mother in particular. She was younger than me, but appeared to have children whose ages spanned at least 17 years or more. Did I mention she looked great? In fact, she looked better than I did after my FIRST child. The little girl was adorable, tanned by what were surely many days at the beach- her hair a bright yellow with help from the sun. She was playing with two younger brothers, all of them laughing and smiling- and crawling all over each other and the furniture!!

They were all jovial and upbeat, despite what surely was a long overseas flight with three young children. I am always fascinated by people, and watching and listening to this family helped the time fly by.

Imagine my surprise this morning when, on the first day of kindergarten orientation, in walked this mother – with the young adorable girl in tow.

Yeah. I’m her teacher.

Today I received my class list. (Remember, there are 600 students in our school, and four kindergarten classrooms.)

The only name I recognize? Her last name.

The toddler she was playing with that day in the airport?? He's the first name on my list.

Life is good. Life is super, super good, indeed.


Brian Miller said...

nice...love it when life works out like that...so you ready?

Working Mommy said...

That is a long, long list...good luck!

Isn't it great when things work out??


Counselormama said...

Hey what a great post! It's been too long since I've been on! Have a great year!

Kate Hanley said...

That is so cool. Sounds like you lucked out!

Jodi Pharo said...

Is there something wrong with me that I can't wait for you to start teaching? I miss Frank. (yes, I know he won't be back this year -- just waiting to hear about his replacement)

SkylersDad said...

That is a pretty amazing coincidence!

Lynn said...

Amazing! And remember, there ARE NO coincidences!!!
I can NOT wait to hear more about this! Sorry, but I, too, am glad you are back to work. :)

Notes From ABroad said...

Fantastic ! This is so great ! :)

MaryBeth said...

Happy day back to school for you! Love when we have sibs from great families - we have one now!

Lynn MacDonald said...

See? Even you have a good day occasionally!!!

Laura said...

Just found your blog. I'm so glad I did.

What a great story! Loved it.

JoAnna said...

that is completely bizarre! i have my own OMG moments when reading class lists and see that kids that i went to school with now have 6th graders!

Deb said...

-->So awesome!

My baby started Pre-K on Wednesday. The parents stayed for the first hour and then we all went home. Yesterday was their first full day and as I kissed his head and said goodbye, he was already fully involved with the task left by his teacher on the table. I knew he was in good hands.

How did he grow up so fast?

Also, he looked so damn cute in his uniform. (I have pictures on the blog.)

Just Two Chicks said...

Oh I love it! Yet another thing I'll miss about teaching. I'm hoping for the same experiences though, when we get our business up and running. I have a hard time loving my small town at times, but today,I attended a pep rally at my kids' new school. It's a small private school and I loved seeing every grade there, hearing the same last names (siblings), and watching them all cheer each other on... amazing.

You're very lucky, but I can tell, you know this, and that is a WONDERFUL thing :)

jessica said...

This year I have almost an ENTIRE class of siblings of families that I love!! can not wait!! i share your joy :)