Can I get an AMEN? (A Frank by any other name...)

I lined the kids up as best I could on the second day of school. We were making a trip down the hall to the big-kids bathrooms so that the children could all take care of business in one fell swoop.

There is a water fountain on either side of the bathrooms, and the children swarmed them after they exited the bathrooms.

I watched closely as they took turns trying to position themselves in such a way that allowed them to get a drink. One of my little clients seemed to be waiting a long time, and finally grabbed the boy at the fountain by the shoulders and shoved him away from it.

I quickly made my way over the children, tried to diffuse the situation and took them all back to the room to turn this into a teachable moment. (I couldn’t have scripted it any better.)

We gathered on the carpet and I outlined proper water fountain etiquette. I motioned the two children involved in the “incident” up to the front of the class, and intended to have them role play the proper way to resolve this situation. I said, “When someone is in front of you at the fountain, you say one-two-three, that’s enough for me. Then they should know that their drinking time is up. You need to use your words!”

“But I DID!” the grabber shouted. “When I grabbed Sam and threw him outta the way, I was saying that’s enough water!” And then Francis smiled.

Bingo. I believe I just hit the jackpot.


Anonymous said...

I am still stuck on the first sentence "I lined up all the kids the best I could on the second day of school"
And thank you for making me laugh.

p.s. I love that picture is it from a book?

Tara R. said...

You really can't argue with that kind of logic.

Brian Miller said...

nice...we are back on track now...smiles.

Mellodee said...

I love that she "threw" the little water-hog out of the way!! Not nudged, not pushed, not shoved, not bumped....oh no, she THREW the little bugger right out of there!

I believe we might be seeing the birth of a future Red-Hat candidate. Never mess with a thirsty woman!!


Scope said...

At least no teeth where lost. That would have been a GREAT start to the year.

Affordable Medical Insurance said...

Thank you for making me laugh.

Cheryl D. said...

That is really funny! I love the way you handled the situation though!

Pseudo said...

Ah, the mincing of words in such a young one.

Gigi said...

I get the feeling that Miss Francis is going to give us lots of giggles this year!

Joanie said...

A female Frank!! Terrific!! I bet Frances will give you lots of great stories this year. I can hardly wait!

jwg said...

Everyone knows that generally the female versions are usually more interesting than the male. And they often come with mothers with the same sense of entitlement. Should make for some really good blog entries.

justmakingourway said...

Well, she made her point, didn't she!

Notes From ABroad said...

Oh good ... <3

Cousin B said...

Hee! Hee! Let the games begin! I'm retired from teaching school bus drivers how to handle little sweet peas and their frustrations during their drive to and from. Bless you for having the patience and finding the humor in all of it.

Anonymous said...

Kids are the cutest!

btw- did you mention your giveaway winner???

Casey Freeland said...

Oh, my, oh, my. So glad it is you teaching the tykes and not yours truly. I'd just spray them all down with a hose.

Zip n Tizzy said...

Fabulous! This oughta make for some good reads!

Christine said...

Who says first week of classes are boring???

Working Mommy said...

Oh jeez...sounds like you've got some little spit-fires on your hands!


Sharon Rose said...

YES!!!! We have a winner! Can't wait to see what Francis does next!

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