The fine art of Show and Tell (aka this is gonna hurt.)

We do so very many things in kindergarten that prepare our children for various school routines that lie ahead in the older grades.

Show and Tell is one of them. (Although we might, on occasion, refer to it as Show and Hell, you know we say that in the nicest possible way.)

Show and Tell provides the children with a chance to speak to a group, share ideas in a concise manner (well, kind of) and affords them the chance to have exchanges with the other children. (Where did you get that; where did you get that; where did you get that; where did you get that. Obviously they don’t always listen to the speaker.)

Today I was outlining the finer points of Show and Hell. “Class, when you are done telling about your sharing, you always ask ‘Are there any questions or comments?’ Then you may call on three friends.”

After several children shared, it was Helen’s turn. Her family is originally from China, but they have been in the United States for at least four years. That totally makes her a local.

She shared a gorgeous white plastic purse, filled with what seemed like thousands of miniature items. Finally, she was ready for the question to the group.

“Are there any Christmas or commas?”

“Um, Helen, you might want to say, “Are they any questions or comments?”

She smiled, nodded and turned to the group.

“Are there any presents or promise?” And with that, a thousand hands flew up.

She's practically perfect.


Suzy said...

Maybe you should load a couple of those reprimands into Google Translator. Then you can tell her in Chinese.

Although it's much funnier this way.

MaryBeth said...

Love the phrase Show and Hell! Can't wait to share that with my teacher - we agree with you!

Thanks for letting us know about Anna - praying for her family.

Brian Miller said...

i will take presents any day...smiles. haha...fun stuff....

Sharon Rose said...

I'd like a comma please!

Sarah Garb said...

Yeah but "Christmas" and "presents" are waaay better than "questions." She clearly had a theme to her misunderstandings--you gotta give her that.

mssharealot said...

What a precious dolly! I know you will love her to pieces! Needed that (alchol free) smile today!

sharyn said...

Thanks to you I now have hiccups.

Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

I was upset to discover that Charlie's school does not have Show and Tell last year. I'm still bummed about it and he's in 1st grade now.

Captain Dumbass said...

Presents and promise please.

Ellie Mae said...

LOL, where did you get that, where did you get that, where did you get that!! Love it. Of course, it IS show and TELL = more talking than listening!!

Dr Zibbs said...


Notes From ABroad said...

Awww, give her a big hug !

The Girl Next Door said...

This is going to be an awesome year again! My kids didn't have show and Hell, but did have "share time" every morning. It was designed to get the kids to unload their hot topics so that they could settle down and learn. Right. Instead my son became the running class clown commentary when kids were blowing smoke. 14 years later, he is the master class crown....

Just Two Chicks said...

I loved Show and Tell!! I was the only 1st grade teacher who did this with my students... that was their favorite day of the week. :)

Lady Goo Goo Gaga said...

Lol!!!!! I love this!!!!

Working Mommy said...

how cute!! my mom is asian and she always mixes up her r's and l's...its hysterical! she also used to think that at a yard sale, the home owners were actually selling a piece of their yards...but that was almost 40 years ago when she came to the states! i heart her!


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