Would you like fries with that?

Today was the day we celebrated Halloween in kindergarten, which was quite convenient, as it really IS Halloween!  (My head is pounding and to be honest I'm not sure I lived through it.)

I wore an adorable and uncomfortable “hot dog” costume that belonged to the son of another kindergarten teacher, and my paraprofessional wore a hamburger costume that was worn by her son last year.

We went together like mustard and ketchup; we were two peas in a pod.  Frankly, I think we were incredibly clever.  But guess what?   We were not nearly as clever as Francis.

“HEY!  Mrs. Smythe!” she yelled excitedly across the room, “ You know what?  If YOU get hungry, you can eat Mrs. Jones.  And if Mrs. Jones gets hungry then SHE can eat YOU!   And since you guys are friends, it would be okay!”  

Try keeping a straight face after that revelation.

(Let the candy gorging begin.)


SherilinR said...

because my friends & i always eat each other. that's how we roll.

Sue said...

Hey, at least the little ones have a since of humor! I'll be heading out here soon with my little grandkids to go trick or treating! I have to say, I can't wait!!

Take care, Sue

Brian Miller said...

youtube gold...

haha...what an awesome kid...

Ivanhoe said...

Awesome! Wish I was there :) Happy Halloween!

Gigi said...

Gotta love those innocent little comments said with such sincerity!

Mrs Dzo said...

I didn't realize it was OK to eat friends. I must make a note of that.

Fragrant Liar said...

If you get drunk on candy, it will all be perfectly okay.

Julie T. said...

On my way to take my 16 year old daughter to school this morning I said "I would hate to be an elementary school teacher today. All those kids that stayed up late, eating tons of sugar. There are sure to be meltdowns today!" Seems like today would be a worse day than yesterday! Hope your day wasn't as bad as I imagine it would be!

charlene lammers said...

Love this. Speaking of naughty things. kids are treating along and everything is going swimmingly until my son's friend yells I got a Sugar Daddy (sucker). I about wet myself laughing at him and his mother was laughing also.

Lynn said...

Let me tell you - I always tried to get jury duty on Halloween when I was teaching!

Captain Dumbass said...

Everything they say is gold

karensomethingorother said...

I love it when my daughter comes up with little gems as well, and believe me..she does! Too bad it's mostly about boobies...

Life Unordinary said...

Hope you had a great Halloween

The Woman Formerly Known As Beautiful said...

My fingernails have traces of chocolate under them. I couldn't commit a crime right now because my hair would shed caramel for the forensics team to find.

Trooper Thorn said...

Why, that's just a normal tailgating snack.

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