We don't need no stinkin' sponge. (aka just another day in kindergarten.)

“Hey, Mrs. Smythe!!   Jack wrote on the table!”

After giving directions to my reading group I walked over to the scene of the crime and there was no sign of the writing on the table.    Confused, I looked at Francis.

“Yeah, he wrote there but it’s gone.   He licked it off.”

The scariest part?     I wasn’t surprised.

( I apologize for the comment moderation implementation, but some crazed spammer is stalking me.  He knows I'm available and is hoping for a date. He's sweet talking me by calling me a whore and what not.  Carry on.)


Brian Miller said...

ack...ack....ack...going to brush my teeth...

Gigi said...

*snort* Yeah, I'm not surprised either!

And? My word verification is "tastr" - apt, no?

Cora said...

So, it's not just mom spit which works miracles. Interesting.

SherilinR said...

typical criminal. trying to hide the evidence.

Mellodee said...

I doubt there would be any parent (or teacher)who was surprised! If the evidence disappears, there is no crime...at least not in the world of kids! lol!

Anonymous said...
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mb said...

I'm not sure I can make you laugh more than the last comment telling you to Boycott American Women can.

I had no idea that being an American Woman was such a lucrative endeavor--why am I in school when I can be pillaging the wallets and souls of my fellow male citizens? That's it--no finals for me, I'm dropping out RIGHT now!!!

VM, I love your writing and your sense of humor. Keep up the great work--and may Santa bring you a notebook to keep jotting down school stories in 'til you get home to blog about them.

Rima said...

That's awesome.

Also: Rambo left you a comment! Does he know, I wonder, that you are an American Woman?

B and the boys said...

L.O.V.E One year we had what we called the Oral Fixation Class. They licked everything. You always looked before you even grabbed a doorknob because you just never knew. Not surprisely it was subtitled the year of the rotavirus. Love tuning in to hear what your munchkins are up to.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Notes From ABroad said...

lol, I think the option to read the comments before publishing them, should be tried here.

My son told me he licked a doorknob once.
If I mention it to him now, he gets this horrified look on his face and declares I am lying :)

MaryBeth said...

Shoot, I forgot to wash the tables in our room before I left for the weekend! Could I borrow Jack?

shrink on the couch said...

Reminds me of the kids who used to come to our house, whose parents wouldn't allow sugar of any kind. The kids would lick sticky jelly spots off my kitchen table. Human sponges.

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