A, E, Y, O, U. It makes ALL the difference in the world.

During recess today the girls were playing another rousing game of Pretty, Pretty, Princess Ponies.  (Last week I discovered I could easily win this game only if the children wore snow boots, I had a two-minute head start and if I insisted the game last three minutes. They don’t call me teacher for nothing.)

Today two of the participants (English as a Second Language children) ran past me in the middle of the game.   “Oh! Is this Pretty, Pretty, Princess Puppies??? Are you puppies?” I shouted.

Alenka turned and ran back to me. “No!! No, Mrs. Smythe….Abia is a puppy, I am a HYMAN!”

“A WHAT?” I said.

“A HYMAN.  No, a HOOMAN!”  she shouted again.

“Alenka, I think you mean human.  Are you a HUMAN?”

“Oh, yes.   I am a human!” she said as she turned to run away.

Oh sweet Lord in heaven, where has she been hiding all year?  


Everyday Goddess said...

Reminds me of the old prank phone call name: Buster Hyman

Thornton Berry Shire Press said...

Well, I just happened upon your blog from another blog that hasn't been written in a year...I'm so glad I stopped by...I always need someone with a clever wit to cheer up my day, thx for that, june

Her and the Boys said...

The things kids say...if they only knew that there minds would one day be corrupted like ours. :)

Brian Miller said...

oh my....they are learning young these days...

noexcuses said...

Love this! We have ESOL students, too, but not nearly as pricesless as yours! Thanks for sharing!

Scope said...

That was just the cherry on top of your day.

Oh, wait...

Anonymous said...

Learning those vowel sounds does create exaggerated language.Keeping a straight face is not a requirement of your job, I hope.

Glad the sex ed classes are still a few grades away,(smiling).
faithful follower

Kate Lewis said...

That is hilarious. Teachers aren't paid enough!! Awesome story!

Sharon Rose said...

I love your stories! This one is too funny.

Dawn said...

Wow... are you sure your students and mine aren't hanging out together???

Here's mine: http://whatsaroundthenextbend.blogspot.com/2012/02/maybe-we-need-to-have-pronunciation.html

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