The advanced class of Kindergartenese. (Entry 4,583)

Word of the Day.

Sappointed.  (SA – pointid)

derivatives:  sappoint; sappointing; sappointedly

(of a person) extremely pissed off, as in SO pissed off that one might wail like a banshee while walking to the classroom after lunch.

“I am SO sappointed acuz I sought we were going on a bield trip today.  You SAID we were going on a trip!  I do not LIKE my imagination.  I sought it was a REAL TRIP!”

Today’s assignment:  Do NOT sappoint anyone- especially yourself. 


ChiTown Girl said...

i miss my babies.... :(

thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

omg!!!! LOL that is so cute. I will try not to sappoint my kids today.

noexcuses said...

So funny! Best chuckle of the day!!

Vodka Mom said...

First, it took me TEN MINUTES to figure out WHY she was crying hysterically, and then ANOTHER ten to explain the "imaginary" trip we were taking.

In the end, I was disausted.

Brian Miller said...

aww...i like bield trips too...why cant we go on a bield trip....

Kara said...

Have a 3 year old daughter...so that sounds about right.

Vodka Logic said...

cute, you must have so much fun. even when they cry

Karen Harrington said...

Love and Love and Love this.

Went to my 1est grader's open house this week. The kids had written sentences on flowers to illustrate what they were good at. Here were my 2 favorites:

"I no how to spell."
"I can count my nubers."


Karen Harrington said...

Of course, there I am on my own comment misspelling first! Ha! That was fast Karma!

SkylersDad said...

I enjoyed the pairing with "acuz" also!

Unknown said...

This made me laugh real hard! :)

Christie said...

So funny!

Stephanie said...

LOL Wise words!

Anonymous said...

Imaginary trips are great for the rest of us - sitting in your classroom is one of them!
faithful follower

shrink on the couch said...

Sappointed. Adding that to my list of feelings at the office.

Mrs. C. said...

Hah! I told mine we were going on a field trip today...they got very excited until I told them it was just across to the main building to pick up the library books I forgot. One of them said, "well, it is KIND of an adventure...we usually just have to sit in here and work!"

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