It takes someone with the highest level of skill (and an aversion to sugar...)

Oh sure, last Friday many of you were performing some incredibly important tasks, like saying “You’re under arrest!” or “I object, your honor!!” or maybe "Would you like cream in that latte?"

And still others of you were screaming,“Sell! Sell!  Sell!” at the top of your lungs.   And even others were doing something of equal or MORE importance than that.

I was sitting in a room full of five year-olds, twisting oreo cookies in half and teaching the kids to stack red gummi life-savers and blobs of icing in a pattern to form a hat – all the while brainstorming a list of a gazillion words that rhyme with hat.

Now tell me, who really has the best job ever?

That’s right. 


Unknown said...

Cute! But the sugar overload...ay yi yi. Plus side... It beats the hell out of glitter :)

Brian Miller said...

are you crazy giving them that much sugar...or were you able to give them back to their parents before it hit....hehe

Anonymous said...

awwww come on why did you wait until AFTER the big birthday to post this??? My class would have loved this activity! My only problem with telling the students that he would have been 108 is that I told them a few weeks before that I was 102. ya

smalltownme said...

How many years of Dr. Seuss days, both as a parent and a classroom aide, and I NEVER saw this seussical craft before? I love it!

Japolina said...

My son is in sixth grade and they read the lorax and planted trees in the school's garden for Dr. Seuss last week. I bet they would have rather made those hats!

Scope said...

you do, ma'am.

Vodka Mom said...

We ate them at the END of the day, while watching Green Eggs and Ham.

And all in the world was good.

Until the kids got home. Then I'm sure all HELL broke loose.


Mellodee said...

Not an ounce of doubt....the job belongs to you! But the kids are the big winners cause they have the best teacher ever!

Just Two Chicks said...

You do, hands down... Last Friday I wasn't doing anything, and not doing anything is making me a bit nuts :)

Joy said...

Awesome. I made the girls green eggs and ham for lunch today. I think they would have enjoyed the hats more!

Vodka Mom said...

I love green eggs and ham! We made them with white icing, green m&m's and pretzels. NO SUGAR INVOLVED.


noexcuses said...

Hands down...you the woman!!

That Janie Girl said...

How cute is that, Sam I am?

Masala Chica said...

Wow. I love them. Great idea for making crafts on a rainy day. You know when someone else is fighting crime or poverty elsewhere in the world. Yup, I will just be sitting back making my little Dr. Seuss towers. Gotta come up with some other cool ones :-)

Notes From ABroad said...

Any task involving small children and cookies/candy wins the Best Job contest in my book !

Lately all I do is take photos and wait for the weather to cool off.


Sue said...

Believe me, you DO have the best job ever and are SO good at. Lucky kids!!

Take care,

Annie said...

Great looking hats and what a fun idea! Some happy kids for sure!

The Woman Formerly Known As Beautiful said...

All this is just making me ponder the deep question, "Where the f$@k are my Girl Scout cookies?" Those Thin friggin' mints should have been here a week ago.

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