No more pencils, no more books... (OMG, is it REALLY SUMMER?)

I’d love to chat about my great weekend in Washington, D.C.; or about my last emotional days in kindergarten; or about my new placement in second grade; or about the superintendant visiting me;  or how my kids are pissing me off.

But I am so damn tired, I can’t.

So rest assured that I am in a great place emotionally, and can’t wait to begin my new adventure! 

And as soon as I wake from this crazy, end of the year coma (tomorrow), I will.

I really, really will.


notme said...

End of the year is as draining as the beginning, isn't it?

Welcome to the family of 2nd grade:)

ChiTown Girl said...

This post made me smile. Big time.

Anne said...

I made it too... the last day of school with kids I popped out of bed with a smile on my face. Today, the last teacher day, I was a little slower on my feet...must have had something to do with the previous evening celebration.

Brian Miller said...

welcome to summer...and dang it next time you are in DC you need to let me know...i am only a few hours away...

Cora said...

Second Grade now, huh? Well, think of the bright side: there's less chance of someone pooping their pants in your care.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Yeah for summer!!!! Glad things are going good and GET SOME REST!
xoxo jj

Notes From ABroad said...

My friend who teaches second grade, just finished with the parents meetings and all that end of year stuff and he is saying things like, I am never getting out of bed. But then he says, he can't wait til the new year begins.
Teachers, some ( you and my friend) are fabulous and some were mine :)

Scope said...

Is it true that you get combat pay for teaching 5th grade?

Everyday Goddess said...

I'm happy for you!


Lynn said...

OH, my! 2nd grade? Can this mean that there is a possibility that you will have Frank in your class again????

BTW I know exactly the level of tiredness you are feeling!
Put your feet up.
Have a martini with two olives.

Lynn said...

Ok I just went back and caught up on your situation. So guess Frank wont be in your class, unless of course he MOVES!
I read once that rats who get their cages changed more are far more intelligent! So. There you go. Think of how smart you are getting!
I have the feeling you'll be the star of your new school.

I want to hear about Golden Boy. Is he with you now? Is the X being kinder? Are you dating anyone interesting? Am I too nosey? Hope not. I just care. :) Lynn21vraVe

Sue said...

Hey my friend, I'm happy you are in a happy place! I like to be in happy places, even if they may come and go, I still like them. Enjoy your Summer, you deserve the best.

Take care,

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