dis-au-sted, adjective...drained of one's physical and mental resources..

I spent the last two days unpacking a thousand boxes, only to discover that the incredible teacher who left my new building was kind enough to leave me her stuff.

All.    Her.   Stuff.


I'm too tired to talk.  I offer the following incredible thought of the day- and an invitation to anyone even REMOTELY near Winchester Elementary here in Smythe, Oregon, to meet in my new classroom on Wednesday morning.  (Taking a little TINY trip to Maryland. :-)   Be back soon.....)



Notes From ABroad said...

" disausted " ... I miss Frank !!

Enjoy the weekend, rest, eat, rest, eat .....


Unknown said...

Amen to that thought! Hope you can put your feet up during the weekend!

Japolina said...

I'm sad that summer is almost over but excited for the new school year and the prospect that my kids will work harder and I won't yell as much.

Good Luck in your new school. I think it will be great!

Marissa said...

Sounds like a witness protection relocation to me...otherwise, R U D E.

Anonymous said...

Some people just don't get what stuff means and crap starts..In life only get upsett about real issues, death, taxes, death, losing one's pets, losing one's family, real shit not just having to do more unpacking and shit like that!!!!! We lost 2 kittehs we adored one on 7.9.12 and the other one week to the day 7.16.12 I got so ill it was nearly 100 both days, i cried on the bus I cried in the stores I had to buy food, i just cried and cried myself, many came by like it was a death of my children not kittehs...I learned some people have manners and class and empathy and others are just full of shit..My own hubby who is not a cat lover got all upsett and treated me like a queen, he grieved too, our two other cats ran away and got crazy, a man who hates cats found them in his yard and brought them home can you imagine??? he spoke to me while I walked to catch a daily bus for work..he knew I loved cats..I am beginning to not be so blue had the baby dolls for nearly 20 years for one and 17 for the other, one all black cute as could be miss sophie, and prince bailey a grey sweetheart..Our other two just now come inside for water and food, they are scared, had to throw everything away they used to play with I cried too hard seeing it..Life is a series of comings and goings, may you have some peace and quiet soon and remember life is short, have lots of love and affection in your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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