Straight up. No chaser.

Today’s first grade lesson:

Walk at the END of the line when walking a first grade class down the hallway.

 (And when Max wears the sneakers with the extra long shoelaces, he will most likely totally tie them together in library and hop the entire length of the hallway as you lead your class to your room located at the end of said hallway. No one will tell on him THIS time, except perhaps the principal who was fortunately on his way to your classroom to observe your excellent classroom management skills. Yeah.  I'm pretty sure I impressed him.)

And make it four olives.  At least. 


Brian Miller said...

hahaha...yep....had one look me in the eye and walk out on me when i told him to stay after class tuesday...today was his first day back in with me....oh yeah, he got lit up...in a nice caring, you do that again and its on kinda way...

Anonymous said...

I love your endings, make it 4 olives, oh my goodness yes! I think the class you teach is the absolute best by the time the little ones get to say 4th grade that is a whole different life..Live right by a lst grader and kindergartner, they are a riot, their grandmother who has custody and soon adoption adores them, but she needs some rest occasionally, they come over and color and yell and run around both boys, they try to catch our two mellow cats who run away to their rooms and never come out, I read to them and they learn to do simple things in the kitchen with me with full attention..they adore my husband adore, he talks to them and laughs with them, this is as close as we will ever get to grand children and my friend needs a nap..By the time they go to Momma as they call my friend they are pooped and to tell you the truth I am too, but I would never tell them that, they are polite and well behaved, lucky and relieved to be adopted soon by their Momma she is all they got and us two older than dirt friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Japolina said...

Ha! So funny.

Unknown said...

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