I think about tiny moments...and marvel at their power.

I drove my vehicle down Baltic Avenue while in Virginia Beach last weekend.  I  was attending the national indoor field hockey tournament, and was stunned when my eyes spotted my old apartment complex.  (I spent a summer there before my junior year of college.)

There it was. 

I slowed to a crawl, pulled over and parked. I sat quietly and stared at the building, thinking back thirty years to the summer of my 19th year.

I got out of the car, crossed the street and stood at the front of the three-story building. I could NOT believe it was still there. In my mind I suddenly saw myself - a 19 year-old girl leaning against the porch post reeling from the news the police had just given her.

Our summer “apartment” family had gathered at a local hot spot not far from the beach to celebrate the end of the summer – and to say goodbye. Mike and Johnny, the boys in the apartment next door, never made it home. So there I stood, my head bowed in my hands and my body shaking with sobs. 

It was an earth shattering moment.

Sometimes memories sneak up you from behind and knock the wind out of you.

I said a quick prayer for the boys- thanked the Lord AGAIN that I hastily declined their ride home that night, and brushed away the tears.

I wonder how many other “tiny moments” have extended my life. 

I really, really wonder.

(It's re-post....but one that resonates with me to this day.....) 


Brian Miller said...

whew...now that was a rather chilling memory...thank goodness for small misses...and prayers for those that dont...

3 hours away from me...va beach

Japolina said...

Wow. We have all had those misses in life, whether we know it or now. I guess it is all in g-d's plan or something new agey like that.

I once almost got my head smashed by a speeding bus, lucky, someone pulled me pack at the last minute. I consider that my lucky minute.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

When I was in 9th grade one of my classmates was accidentally shot in the head on a hunting trip. He lived, but lost his sight. Never returned to school. I always think of him in November when I hear a gunshot. So sad.

The wife said...


SkylersDad said...

I am ashamed to think of how many times I drove while drunk in my youth. It is terrible.

Linda M. said...

Wait, your label says preparing to move. You DO mean move around as in walk, right? Not move into a different house????? If you are, call or email & I'll help you!!!!

Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

Wow. I cannot imagine the emotions that came back to you. I think about little choices made on the spur of the moment that would've had much different outcomes with the other choice.

Take care,


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