I'm just glad I finished my coffee BEFORE Writer's Workshop.

We were working on various stories today during Writer’s Workshop.  

I begin each session with a mini-lesson, some suggestions about writing and then send them on their way to work on writing. 

They are all in various stages of the writing process, and working on a variety of stories.  One boy is working on a comic-book about army guys, adding some influences from “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”.  Another boy, George, is working on a story about his Christmas tree. Julia is working on a story about a fairy princess and Max is writing about his exciting breakfast with Santa over the weekend.

I noticed Simon working intently at his desk, which is situated very close to the table I use for student conferencing.

“Wow, Simon! You are working so hard today! What’s your story about?” I asked.

His eyes lit up as he stood up and shouted, “Marijuana!” 

My eyes popped open and I instinctively said, “WHAT?”

“Marijuana Allergies!”  He said with a smile.  “You know…I saw on tv last night the police with dogs.  They take the dogs and go to people’s houses to look for people with marijuana allergies!”

I stared for a moment, speechless.   “Oh.  Okay, well then, um, that sounds very interesting.  Maybe you could come on over here and we can conference in private about that story.  Okay?   Okay.”

Just another day in the life…..another marvelous, wonderful day.


Marissa said...

Sweet Jesus is right...

But I guess that topic is okay in your home state of Washington, right (wink, wink)?

Marissa said...

Oregon, not Washington, dagnabbit...

Brian Miller said...

haha...someones been watching too much COPS...well they are not without their creativity you know...lol

ChiTown Girl said...

mwah hahahahaha!!!

That's just too funny.

Damn it, you're making me miss the babies! STOP IT!!!

Especially since I just got home from the store, where I was telling my son how great it was that I was saving SO much money this year by not having to buy 40 Santa Hats/reindeer antlers, plus 40 gifts, Christmas candy/treats, etc. Yeah...I'm gonna focus on that...


ChiTown Girl said...

Oh, and I've been meaning to tell you for a while now that I love your new profile pic!!

Melissa B. said...

I've been allergic to blogging for so long, I forgot how your stories make me pee my pants. Thanks for the laugh!

Anne said...

New FAVORITE book EVER for first grade writing. Go look at Amazon right now for Ralph Tells a Story. It is AMAZING (worth buying in hardback). Call it an early Christmas present to yourself.

Kelly said...

Hmmm . . . makes me wonder what my Kindergartner is repeating today. crap.

Joanie said...

Oh my, Max AND Simon? You really have your hands full!

Cora said...

Oh dear.

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