First grade should be mandatory for anyone who has the blues. (Nature's best pick-me-up.)

Last week during recess Nimish came to me complaining about a tic-tic in his ear.

(As you might recall I am lucky enough to have a very diverse classroom, which makes for many fascinating conversations, and many, many smiles.) 

Now, as it was outdoor recess and the kids were running about yelling and screaming, I thought perhaps I might have misheard my young Nimish.

“What? A TIC-TAC?”, to which he nodded.  “When did you put it in your ear?” I asked incredulously.

“I think it was Christmas Eve,” said Nimish, putting his hand to his chin in thought.

“Wait; you put a tic-tac in your ear on Christmas Eve and it is still in your ear? Did you tell your mother? (I might add here that Nimish's mother is not yet fluent in English. Or not as fluent as her darling son.)

“Yes!" he said, "I told her and she said to me ‘No, Nimish, you put q-tip in your ear!’”

I asked him if it hurt, to which he replied no. I quickly sent him to the nurse, and instructed him to meet us in the classroom when he was done.

He returned shortly thereafter with a note from the nurse confirming that yes, indeed, there was a tic-tac in his ear.  His mother was going to take him to his family doctor after school.

I looked at him one more time, and asked the obvious, “Nimish, why in the world would you put a tic-tac in your ear?”

“Well,” he said thoughfully, “I liked the way it smelled.  And also, I was pretty sure it would find my mouth hole by now.”

Tomorrow lesson?  The Digestive System, and parts of the body it DOESN’T include.   (aka What goes in doesn’t always come out. At least not on its own.)

(and yes, Mr. Darcy is STILL a prince.......)


Brian Miller said...

pretty sure it would find his mouth hole by now....oh my...lol...

back to school tomorrow for me...

Unknown said...

It sounds perfectly logical to me.
Good to find laughter in between the tears :)

angie said...

You gotta love it!

anniep said...

A similar thing happened to me except I think I traumatized the student. It really is hard to hear those little voices on the playground.


Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

Awww...I like his logic.

Japolina said...

So cute!

Gigi said...

Well, it sounds logical!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Omg I need a job helping in first grade classroom....seriously funny stories! Have a great Monday!

Cora said...

Oh dear. *snicker*

SkylersDad said...

I like this kid. A lot!

The Girl Next Door said...

I love the logic of little children! Thanks for the laugh!

Unknown said...

OMG! Did he seriously have a tic tac there for 2 whole weeks?! Wow!!

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MJ's doghouse said...

I just want you know that your Mr Darcy is seriously cramping my entertainment. I miss your blog

Marissa said...

I say we put tic tacs in the ears of all spammers...all in favor say "Aye!"

Love this kid, love your stories...and they DO smell good. e could have put something much worse in there!

Marissa said...

*He could...not e could--all of a sudden I've got a Pip from Great Expectations accent?

Anonymous said...

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