Time. You're a greedy bastard.

The Golden Boy will be 15 years old tomorrow. 

When he was 3 he poured a can of oil into his green Little Tykes tractor while it was “parked” on the driveway.

When he was 4 he used to steal Bitchy’s two-piece bathing suit and run around the back yard in it. (She was LIVID!!!)

When he was 5 he unscrewed every single screw he could find in the house. (Light switches, cabinet doors, etc.)  I’m pretty sure we never really found them all. 

When he was 6 he used a wrench to loosen the toilet in the basement bathroom. THAT was quite a day.

When he was 7 he reminded me that it was okay for boys to cuddle with their moms every night before bed, and would continue that for four more years.

When he was 8 we flew to the ER for stitches on Thanksgiving Day.

When he was 9 we flew to the ER for stitches one summer day after an amazing bicycle accident.

When he was 10 we flew to the ER for fake skin, since he left most of his knee on the blacktop.

When he was 11, well, more stitches.

When he was 12 he chose to stay with his father when his mother knew she had no choice but to leave the marital residence.  The details are ones I’ll not share, on his behalf.

And now he’s 15.  He's a beautiful, cranky, wonderful, horrible teenager. 

He’s gone from 12 to 15 without his mother there each night to tuck him in, wash his clothes, mend his rips, argue with him, insist that he do his homework, heal his wounds and drive him to the ER.

And tomorrow I’ll bake a cake, text him and remind him how very, very much I love him.  (Because someone who shall not be named will have him out of town. )    I'll keep my tears to myself, because that is what a mother does.

My gift to him?   

The choice.  


Mocadeaux said...

Lordy, moms often have to make the tough choices. We always so our best.
Also: your truth is often in your labels. They make me want me want to laugh and cry.

Marissa said...

VM, all I can say is hugs. You are an amazingly strong woman, and I hope that all three of your kids recognize and appreciate that.

I'll take care of Sassy if you study for and pass the bar exam for me. You're off for the summer, right?

Vodka Mom said...

Moca- xxxx .

And Marissa - of COURSE I'll take it! Those two years of law school I battled through will help!! And PLEASE COME OVER!!!!

Scope said...

I wish I could run you to the ER for the stitches you need in your heart.

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

Love you, VM, and happy bday Golden Boy!

S said...

Yes, you did. Stand tall, because you did the right thing, and the brave thing.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Hardest gift to give someday your heart will heal and some day he will come home. ((hugs))

Gigi said...

Happy birthday to your boy. And lots of hugs for you.

Sue said...

Thanks for the beautiful post! It made me smile. I have two daughters and a son, who is the youngest. That boy has put me through hell and back, but thankfully he has a good heart. He will be 30 in October!! Today he is having a birthday party for his four year old daughter at "his" house. He has a baby girl that is almost a year old now. But I have to confess, although he is all grown up, he can STILL make me crazy with some of the stuff he does! Happy Birthday to your "boy"!

Take care,

Thornton Berry Shire Press said...

I didn't get to be a mother until three years ago when I moved in with my soon to be husband and his then seventeen yr old son, (now 20, the other two are out on their own). In the meantime, this is my first marriage and my first family and I'm 57 (and a half, just to get all the credit I deserve for making it this far)...and this past mothers day I got permission to call my son, my son...from my son...it was the best day ever! I missed out on all that good stuff you were talking about...but I'm a mom none the less...now all I'm waiting for are the grand babies! What a great post! Thx for sharing...june

Steph said...

God bless you Golden Boy's mama. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Your sacrifice is amazing. Wishing you much peace and love.

SkylersDad said...

You have had so many beautiful posts/stories that it is hard to chose a favorite. But this just might be it.

You are strong, you are good, you are amazing.

Linda M. said...

You are an amazing mom (and teacher and person, I might add). Because you gave him the choice and then lived with it.

Know that he loves you, and when he is older, he, too, will be in awe of you and your intelligence at letting him choose.

Have a great last week and a half before you get some time to rest.

Japolina said...

As a fellow mom with a 15 year old boy, hugs to you VM. I will say that I feel like a horrible mother to my son lately. We fight like crazy and I think that his father is the only one keeping us both sane. It may be a blessing in disguise that he is with his father during the hormonal years. He knows that he loves you and he will appreciate you more in a few years. At least that is what I keep telling myself! xoxo Japolina

Joanna Jenkins said...

Happy 15th Birthday Golden Boy.
I know how tough this has been for you and I take my hat off to you for giving him the choice.
xoxo jj

Roshni said...

happy birthday to him and lots of hugs to you!

Cora said...

That face! What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

my only will be 36 she was into everything she could get her hands on from the time she was a babydoll.everyone thought it cute, her daddy and me her momma did not, she is our only child and spoiled crazy good..She is so smart still, we love her bad, she lives unfortunately 4,000 miles in NYC with her kitty cat and many many friends and acquaintances she helps..Oh, when I see a cuttee pie baby that is trying to get out of the stroller and or running down the aisle of any store I ache for my babydoll...she has friends like your Golden boy, yes they were her buddies in crime as she said all thru school, they think and act differently, could never get a pink outfit on the doll to save her life but frilly stuff she loved just hated them itching her as she would mentioned, very sensitive to everything but a brilliant sweet person we miss and love her so much..take care when I don't see your blog I am sad you are a wonderful human being full of love and wisdom, this week take it easy, we are having a huge sun and the heat and humidity I will be sending only good stuff to you in the universe, ciao miss VM!

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