Telling Sharing ...it should be a part of everyone's day. (Keeping a straight face is an art...)

Today during telling sharing Gretchen couldn't wait for her turn.  Even though we go around the circle, she held her hand up the entire time until it was her turn.  (An eternity, according to her.)

"Yes, I DO have telling sharing today!  Whew!  My brother is getting his TONTHILS out today.   They are VERY thwollen, and so is his you-you na."

"What?" I asked.

"You know, his YOU-YOU NA!"  She said loudly, pointing in her mouth.

"Ah, yes.  The old you-you na.  Sometimes people call it a uvula, but I think I like your version much better.  Thank you, Gretchen.  Next?"

(Your assignment?  Use the word You-you na in a sentence FOUR times this weekend.  I dare ya.)


Razmataz said...

Hello. I'm commenting. Read your posts all the time. I will say I hate the word verification.

Vodka Mom said...

I hear you And I 'm turning it off. I'll get spam out the WAZOO, but oh well.

Unknown said...

What the YOU you naw is going on with the book? I WARNED you I could be a nag. (spell check does not like You you naw. 2 down two to go. Love to you my old pal.

Mocadeaux said...

How on earth DO you keep a straight face? Or correctly interpret what the students really mean? Keep the stories coming - you can't make this stuff up!
And PS glad your class enjoyed the books!

Anonymous said...

You are right - I do appreciate "silently"'
Even with a good grasp of anatomy, I was looking for ???
Another day started with humor - Thank You - Life is good -

Brian Miller said...

haha....yes, i know that...i still have mine...

been an interesting start to the year VM....

Linda said...

Love it every time you write. Check daily!! Enjoy all your littles.
Lurking Linda

Gigi said...

A you-you na - you say? No way, could I keep a straight face when dealing with that kind of sharing going on!

Have a great weekend!

Lorraine said...

You! You! Nah. I give up!

Personally I like the word verification. It's like a word game and they say that we children of the 50's should be stretching our brains.

Unknown said...

I also check every day and love to see a new post! Funny aside, I shared your post to the teacher on the first day with my daughter. (she is a Sr in high school and doing a very cool Teacher's Academy program here in SE "Oregon") A couple days later she asked the name of the blog I found it on so she could share it and I had to chuckle and tell her VodkaMom!

The Girl Next Door said...

HAHAHA I remember when my ex's you you nah was swollen and he thought the doctor needed to cut it out (allergic reaction to medication). it was so disgusting I almost passed out. And how do you keep a straight face???

Louisette said...

hello from Belgium, lovely blog!

The Green Family said...

Hello!! I still read all the time, you are an amazing writer :-)

ChiTown Girl said...

I want to punch you in your YOU YOU NA when you post stories like this, because you make me miss my job!!

Don't worry, I remind myself of all the crappy parts of my job, and that I'm SO much happier not being there.

But still....I miss the babies, and moments like this.

So, thank you for sharing!!!

I heart you so hard.

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