Honestly, how was I supposed to know that? (Cause I try very hard never to bend over...)

I was running errands this morning and ended up at the local supermarket THREE times.   Apparently you have to actually bring the list with you when you shop.

I went to school after lunch to clean and prepare for the week, and it was there that I remembered my “serenity” jar project.  I wanted to create a jar that some of my over-active children could use in moments of crisis. (Which, frankly, occurs more often around any holidays or times of seasonal transition.)   I’ve decided to make one for myself that I’ll keep stashed at my desk!

One of the ingredients required to make this cool, cool craft is glycerin.  When I googled it I discovered that apparently I could find it in the supermarket; hence trip number three.

I walked up and down the aisles searching for a bottle of glycerin.  I knew from the directions for the craft that it acted as a thickening agent, but couldn’t really figure out what it was.  I walked up and down the medicine and vitamin aisles AND the personal hygiene section.  Finally, I made my way to the customer service counter and asked one of the cute, young managers about it.

“I’m looking for glycerin!”  I said in a loud voice, attempting to be heard over the mass of people shopping for milk and bread in preparation for the impending snowstorm.  (That's another story in itself...)   

I said it again loudly, spelling it for the young fella as he typed it into the system.  His eyes widened and in an equally loud voice he said “It’s in the SUPPOSITORY section.  SUPPOSITORIES!  Do you know where those are??”

I looked at him as my face reddened, and then watched as he reached for the microphone.

“NO!”  I shouted,  No microphone needed,” I said with my finger going back and forth.   “I don’t need any help!  I’m pretty sure I can find that aisle.”

I walked away laughing at myself.  That’ll certainly teach me to shout for help.


Gigi said...

And that explains why I try my damnedest to NEVER ask for help at the store!

Jan said...

I read that you could use corn syrup for those and it's cheaper (if you make more since you probably bought the glycerin already) ad something else but I can't remember now what it was.

Scope said...

You broke that poor guy's heart. Can you imagine how long he'd waited to call out something like that over the speakers?

"Help needed in the suppository section."

It may be weeks, weeks before he gets another chance like that.

Japolina said...

This is a stupid question but I was trying to actually find glycerin for some beauty treatment that I read about (not constipation luckily although that is ugly). Is it really in the laxative section? I thought it was a bakery item too?

Marissa said...

I would have been looking by the jello...who knew?

Just thinking...first posts about someone who has their head up their ass, then a post on suppositories...I suspect you will be getting some very interesting sponsor offers soon!!!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, poor grocery boy. Hah I think I would've started in bakery too, but I may be thinking its in the gelatin family, which I suppose it could be. Glad you figured it out, enjoy your serenity jars, my daughter loves hers. Hope the storm passes quickly!

cheers! Katie

We are Three said...

Hope you found it. We have it behind the pharmacy counter as a special order (not in suppository form)!