It's a question for the ages, isn't it?

I had just finished explaining the writing activity when Sam raised his hand.  He and Ian had been whispering a bit back and forth during the very exciting lesson on how to write a "How-To Book" and I was fairly certain he needed some clarification...again.

"Yes, Sam, what's your question?"

"Well, I was wondering, do you think Ian can beat up Jesus?"

I looked at him, wide eyed.  "Well, Sam, that depends.  What grade is Jesus IN?"

"He's not in a GRADE!  It's Jesus, you know.....GEE-ZUS!"

"Well, Hmm,  I don't think that has anything to do with our "How-To" book activity.  So ...  let's just chat about that after everyone else gets to work, okay?   Okay."

Sweet Lord in Heaven, doesn't ANYONE listen to me????