Some people just have a knack.

I have an amazing student intern this year, (Ms. Periwinkle) and she has learned so many valuable lessons.  The kinds of lessons you can only learn from the front...the ones about grabbing a garbage can as FAST as you can when someone grabs their stomach and turns green.  Or about remembering to use a tissue when picking up suspicious pieces of what might LOOK like spilled raisins on the carpet.  Or the lesson about being on the playground with three classes and a sub and having a child break her arm while you watch her twirl on the bars.

You know the drill.

Well, today I taught her another important lesson. (It was unplanned, of course, but valuable nonetheless...)

We have been watching and dancing to “What does the Fox say.”  It’s amazing, and the kids have needed a physical activity each day since we can’t go outside in ZERO DEGREE WEATHER.  We are also in the middle of our “Save the Neighborhood” unit on Recylcing.  The children decided to write a rap to sing to the man from the “Smythe Brothers Paper Company” who has planned on cutting down ALL the trees that the teachers have worked so hard to construct in our classroom! 

They did an amazing job, and at the end of the day Ms. Periwinkle prepared the big screen and the projector so that the kids could dance to the video “What Does the Fox Say” and sing our rap to it.

We have a wireless projection system that enables us to project our computers right to the projector.   Ms. Perwinkle was having difficulty, and asked me to pull it up on mine.

I quickly answered and the You Tube link to the video popped up.  The kids were poised on the carpet ready to dance, when something ELSE popped up.

It was a scantily clad woman in a BIKINI, crouched in a squat holding two HUGE BOWLING BALLS right in front of her very well endow-ed-ness.

The room filled with SCREAMS of SHOCK!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!The children were running around the carpet screaming, Ms. Periwinkle was trying desperately to find the remote, pushing it frantically to no avail.  I was pushing buttons and ALSO screaming!  I tried hard to close the window, but my fingers were in shock and couldn’t find the right keys!        

I quickly shut my computer and the image FROZE ON THE LARGE SCREEN while the yelling and laughing continued.  I frantically opened my laptop back up as ran to the front of the room to try to release the screen so that it would at least’s wind UP…and I saw the kids covering their eyes and laughing hysterically.

After what seemed like DAYS, I managed to close the window and bring the kids back from their traumatic hysterically laughing event. 

It wasn’t easy.

And then, after sending the kids home and writing a lengthy email to moms and dads to give them a heads up, we sat at the table, trying very hard to stop laughing.

Yeah, I could spend my time critiquing lengthy lessons or showing her how to research various teacher topics, but no.  I’m teaching her about R-rated pop-ups and how to catch vomit in a garbage can.

I still got it. 


Japolina said...

Ha! So funny.

Japolina said...

Ha! So funny.

Elizabeth said...

OK!! I think that is a "today problem" as I didn't have that particular incident occur while watching a movie with the class 21+ years ago!! My goodness, the potholes you have to avoid! I wonder what notes/calls/visits from parents this might prompt on Monday.

I am sure if they know you, they will know it was a complete accident as you are so professional.

Mrs. E said...

Wow! I needed that today. That's a whole lot funnier than me projecting my gradebook...!!! argh!

Marissa said...

You asked for a cure for writer's block...and you got it,

And I'm typing this on the laptop in the semi dark because the baby went to sleep, and started to type C instead of B in block.


Simone said...

That happened to me but worse! I was team teaching with another teacher - history. He asked me to pull up something on the internet and with the computer facing the class, I went in search of the website and got caught in a po*rn loop. Windows were popping up everywhere while I was waving frantically, trying to get the other teacher's attention to stand in front of the computer screen. I was hit X and another one would pop up. It was horrible!!! I sure hope the kids weren't scarred for life! :)

Vodka Mom said...

Oh Simone!!! That made my day! And I feel your pain!!! Hopefully most people know that we are ALL human, and that these things happen. Frankly, they see worse on tv every day....


Jenny Woolf said...

Haha! I really did laugh at this. I think they organise those popups so you CAN'T get rid of them except by unplugging the device.... but I'd never remember to do that when everyone was laughing! :)

Mocadeaux said...

Hilarious! My favorite part was the image being frozen on the screen when you shut the laptop. Ms Periwinkle is a lucky gal to be learning and laughing with you.

One crazed mommy said...

That is a hoot - had my LOL at my desk today...I'm sure my co-workers were wondering what I was laughing at.