What I THINK I say and what I REALLY say are apparently two different things.....

Teachers have certain “things” they say in the classroom.  You know, things they say to inspire the class, to cheer them on and make them do their best.

 It's part of our little "bag of tricks."

I like to think I say things like, “Always do your best, boys and girls,” or “Challenge yourself!” and even “Be nice, boys and girls, always be nice.”

But apparently, based on my intern’s end of the year poll, this is what the kids heard: 

And the BEST part of first grade??

But my favorite quote of all?  The reason I do what I do?  Here you go....



#1Nana said...

Have a great week off and come back refreshed and ready for Summer School.

Gabriela said...

Out of the mouths of babes. No, wait! Was that more like "out of the mouths of a teacher"?

Or, do I need to send you a new pair of shoes?

Japolina said...

Omg..I wonder if you asked my sons what they would say ? I'd be scared to see. "too bad so sad"? "What til dad gets home" "You are being disgusting"?

Gigi said...

Those are hilarious! The last one melted my heart.

Mocadeaux said...

Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Wow, that last one is seriously awesome. And that's one of the best reasons teachers teach. I still remember when one of my deaf students applied a new meaning of the word "fork" for not just an eating utensil in the real world. He was SO excited!! (fork in the road) That was in 1990. It meant so much to me.
Glad you get so much out of your job. And the students get so much more from you! --Elizabeth

Marissa said...

Awww---I love when kids get why teachers push them to achieve!

[damn dust in both eyes all of a sudden]

Mrs. C. said...

Apparently I always say "only hit print once!" as it showed up in many of the 'Things to Know About Third Grade' brochures my kids made for Jump-Up Day...

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