Keep your eyes open, cause you never know who you'll run into.....

I’m spending some lovely down time on the western shore of Mayland.  I’m settled in a lovely home that’s surrounded by beautiful hydrangeas, peace and quiet. 

While I’m enjoying the anonymity and solitude, I took a brief trip to Philadelphia to spend some time with someone special.

I drove a bit longer than I expected, and three hours later I was pulling into the city.  I followed his directions and found myself on the corner of South Street right smack in the bustling metropolis.  He hopped in the car and guided me to a parking garage several blocks from his apartment.

He grabbed my bags and my hand and we walked out of the garage chatting away, excited to see each other again.  As we turned to walk up the street I ran right SMACK into a young, handsome red-headed man that looked very familiar.

“Mrs. Smythe?  Mrs Smythe!!” he exclaimed as he reached for a huge hug. 

“ALEX! I can’t believe it’s you!”  I hugged him fiercely, in complete shock that in a city of a hundred BILLION people, this teacher (who thought she was sneaking away for a secret wonderful getaway) stumbled upon an ex-student, and the son of a former colleague.  We chatted for a few minutes, catching up on life and laughing about the wonderful coincidences in life.

He is no longer the freckle-faced little boy who was an amazing artist and always had a smile on his face.  Now he’s a talented soloist at the Pennsylvania Ballet. 

He is also one of the reasons this particular teacher had an amazing smile on her face all weekend.  (The other reasons, well, I’m just gonna keep those to myself right now.)


Anonymous said...

YEA! for wonderful weekends and surprises. Glad you are having such a nice vacation. Enjoy! Sallly

Gigi said...

Life...it truly IS one adventure after another, isn't it?

And as to those "reasons that you are keeping to yourself?" Yay, for you.

Karen said...

So happy you're having some fun. You deserve it.

Laura said...

Wonderful surprises!

Mocadeaux said...

Hope the time at the shore, and the weekend adventures, help to recharge your spirit! Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

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