Wait, you're from IOWA? (aka Angels live ALL over...)

The Jet Ski adventure PART THREE!!

She was smiling and holding a Corona as she approached us.

“Hi!” she said, “We’ve been admiring your Jet-Ski’s!  My husband and I have a couple back home and we love them!”

“Well,” I said with a hint of the exhaustion in my voice, “we’ve only had then for three days, but wait until you hear what happened.”  I recounted the events of the day for her, all the while trying to edge closer and close to the tiny amount of shade I noticed being cast down by the massive palm tree next to me.

She listened to my story and her eyes got huge. “WAIT HERE!” she said excitedly, “I think my husband can help!” She turned towards the cottage next door and then shouted over her shoulder, “He used to RACE Jet Ski’s. I’m sure he can fix it!”

I watched in shock as she ran across the sand. I looked back at Ray who had been watching and listening to our exchange.

“Wow!” he said. “Wouldn’t that be crazy if he could help?” I was WAY too tired and sun burned to hope, but I did anyway. 

Moments later a very attractive, very muscular guy with amazing tattoos up and down his arms came strolling across the beach.  He smiled and shook our hands as we introduced ourselves.  He wasted no time walking around the Ski and then ran back into his unit for his snorkel and mask.  His wife stood with us and assured us again that if anyone could fix a Jet Ski, it would be Jack.

He came out quickly and walked out into the muddy, murky, seaweed-laden water to inspect underneath the Jet Ski.  We watched intently and held our breath.

He emerged a short time later and tossed his snorkel and mask onto the beach. “There is an ANCHOR sticking our of your engine, and I’m pretty sure there’s a good amount of rope inside it.  We’ll have to put her on her side and I think I can get it out.”

We were all stunned and very hopeful! Ray ran to his unit and grabbed some tools, and I ran to the fridge for some very needed Corona’s for all of us. 

We got back to the beach and all hoisted the Sea Doo on it’s side. Now remember, this is the ski that is VERY BIG. It fits three people and can pull a skier big. The three of us, a 72-year young man, a 50 some year old school teacher and a 30-year old beach babe held that 1200 pound ski up while Jack pulled/cut out the anchor.  He proceeded to pull foot after foot of rope out of that engine, while three or more gentlemen (and I use that term loosely) watched us ten feet away in the pool area. WATCHED. 

After 15 minutes or so, Jack proclaimed the engine rope-free and we lowered the Jet Ski into the water. Thank the Lord, because I was pretty sure we couldn't hold that thing much longer. 

Jack looked at Ray.  “Start ‘er up.” 

I looked at Ray and said a prayer. 

He stepped onto the ski, swung his leg over and looked at the three of us as he reached for the key.

The engine ROARED TO LIFE!

“OH MY GOD!!” I shouted.  “Oh my GOD YOU ARE SO AWESOME!” I shouted at Jack and his wife. “What are the odds that you guys-who were staying right next door to us- would be able to fix the Jet Ski?  Oh my God.”  We all laughed and went about tying the skis up to the dock. We invited them back to our unit for some additional MUCH needed beverages.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening getting to know this young, amazing couple from Des Moines, Iowa.  The couple who not only sells real estate, has four children between them, organizes and manages MMA bouts across the country while he works an amazing job at Wells Fargo bank, but who are apparently miracle Jet Ski repair people.

What kind of crazy miracle was that? 

And then the next day, our group Jet Ski adventure began…


Gigi said...

How awesome!

absees123s said...

Can I say just how much I love your stories??!!! OH MY GOSH...reminds me of a boat trip I had once a very long time ago!(and considering I'm 56, it was a VERY long time ago) So glad you all are ok and enjoying the beauty of the Cayman Islands! He doesn't have a brother, does he? :) I am so happy for you! Looking forward to hearing about more adventures...enjoy your summer (from one teacher to another)

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