(Kind of) Random Acts of Kindness/First Grade Style

Today in school Stella grabbed a card from the school’s “Random Acts of Kindness” bulletin board as we walked to art class.  There are a vast assortment of  “acts of kindness” written on many, many cards housed on that board. Students are encouraged to grab one anytime they want, perform that particular “act of kindness” and then return the card with a little note on it.

Apparently Stella felt particularly kind today.

She approached me moments later inside the art room and tugged at my sleeve before I had time to leave the room. “Ms Smythe, out of ALL the random acts of kindness on the board, I chose the one that is my LEAST favorite!”

I looked at her with a bit of surprise.

“It’s the one thing I hate to do!” she said as she handed me the card.

As I read the card and she blurted, “Pick up trash!” she said in an exasperated tone, “I HATE to pick up trash! I don’t even like to pick up my own trash!” She crossed her arms and frowned.

I realized that this was a great teachable moment.  I could tell her that sometimes when we do the things we hate the most, we get the most satisfaction.  OR, I could tell her that sometimes doing something we hate makes us love ourselves more.  I could even tell her that sometimes fate comes into play to teach us a valuable lesson about service to others being the best kind of service and all of that!

Yep, I could have said any of those things.  But, instead of all that good stuff, I leaned down and whispered, “I’m not crazy about picking up trash either.  Let’s go switch cards!” I grabbed her hand and we darted out into the hall and made the switcheroo.

I decided that was my random act of kindness for the day.