Sometimes the most valuable things of all are the ones we can't touch.

I've been trying to find a way to marry my love of writing, the hectic-ness of working and the challenge of nightly master's classes. Like anything we do in our lives, it's a crazy juggling act. However, that's precisely what makes this a life exciting. I am still trying to figure out where my "writing" place is, now that I'm living with my Mr. Wonderful. (And that's another great story....for another time....) I guess it's kind of like Sheldon trying to find a new "spot" after moving into another apartment. (It ain't easy.) But -like Stephen King likes to say - I need to just shut up, sit down and write. Who CARES if you're writing crap! So, I'm going to continue to share some of my writing exercises here, so that I keep these juices flowing. I would adore it if anyone out there would share some of theirs.

What do you value? I mean what do you REALLY value (when no one is looking)?  This is part of a writing exercise from a class I took last fall and LOVED LOVED LOVED.  The class was “Writing for Children” and part of our weekly work always included some type of writing challenge.  I found it incredibly helpful- as it forced me to think of things I might not normally think of- and to write about things I might not normally write about. Questions such as “What do you value?” or “What do you fear?” often caused me FEAR.  Sometimes I’m afraid to look to deeply into my soul, afraid of what I might (or might not) find.

So today, I face that fear.

What do I value?  God, I hope I value things that have some kind of meaning, but here goes.  (In no particular order.)

I value simplicity.   I love a beautiful sunrise as I walk through my neighborhood, and the quiet moments stolen during a busy day.

I value empathy, and those who can feel the pain and sorrow that others are experiencing.

I value a sense of humor. I value the healing power of a deep and hearty laugh, and keep those who make me smile nearby.

I value a single phone call, one that reconnects the heartstrings of those who might live ALL the way across the country.  That one call- the two minutes it takes to remind each other that we love each other, is all it takes to remind my heart that all is well.

I value my belief in a higher power, in a life everlasting and the knowledge that I have guardian angels. I also value those who don’t ridicule me for it.

I value the extraordinary beauty of a fall leaf; the beauty of a single caterpillar, a stunning sunrise and a silent sunset.

I value the wonder of the first firefly of the summer, beckoning its family to come out to play.

I value nature and all its glory.

I value the parents who allow their children to express themselves. In particular, the wearing of the Elsa dress to school every day makes my heart happy.

I value a true friend, who loves you in spite of your flaws and probably because of them.

I value those sincere friends whose bonds of friendship ignore the years between contact and help you celebrate each encounter. The ones who hold you when you cry, and remind you that you are enough.

I value family ties, family bonds, family lore, family heirlooms and loyalty.

I value random acts of kindness and a generous spirit.

I value whimsy, crowns and pink tutus.

I value a medium chocolate ice cream cone dipped in chocolate from Dairy Queen when no one is looking.  (Because come ON, why CAN’T you treat yourself?)


Carrie Koch said...

Your words. That's on the list of things I value.
I'm not going to do this prompt today, because it sounds like I'll be doing it next semester.
Love you. Survive your week.

quiltmom anna said...

Always always always when I come to your posts- I read something that moves me, makes me thing, touches my heart strings and makes me reflect.
Have a fabulous week and thanks for writing another wonderful piece..
Things that I value- beautiful people like yourself that give hope and passion to life around them.
Things I treasure family friends and loved ones- they make life rich.

Wishing you all the things that bring joy and laughter to your life.
With warmest wishes always

quiltmom anna said...

And it appears I can't spell either-- LOL I meant to write the word makes me think rather than thing and I can't remember how to correct a word without deleting the whole post...
You do make me think and laugh and sometimes cry.. but always Your words reflect empathy and caring about life.
Have a grand week.
Warmest regards,

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Dr kold_kadavr_ flatliner MD said...

Wanna laugh?
Be my best in the west, dear.

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