Glitter and tears...(aka the FIRST first/last)

Today was the day, the first of many lasts for me.   It was Kindergarten Camp- the day that all of the soon-to-be kindergarteners come to school for a few hours of fun play.  It gives the teachers a great opportunity to spend time with the children, and to see if we can put them together into groups. We want to ensure that they are with some “friends” and if there are glaring needs, we can find ways to place the children so that they can be successful in this first, critical year learning.

I walked into school excited and ready to go!  I am always ready at the time of year, and can’t wait to see what fun the day will bring.  After prepping my room (i.e. running frantically around looking for the brand new play-doh I JUST BOUGHT THE NIGHT BEFORE) I made way next door to see the two other amazing kinder teachers.

They were standing together laughing, and turned to me as I walked in.  “Hey!” said Lisa, “Happy Last Kindergarten Camp!”

Much to their surprise- and my own SHOCK, I immediately burst into tears.  

“Oh, no!” they both said. “It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay!”

I reached for tissues and wiped my eyes, shocked at my response!  “Oh my God, I don’t know where that came from!” I hiccupped again, still trying to compose myself. “I am  happy for goodness sake!” And of course, a few more tears flowed.

They smiled and nodded. (They know by now what a crazy person I am. The new hormone patch isn’t helping!   

If this first/last day is any indication, I’m guessing this is gonna be a messy year!  2018-19 will be filled with glitter and tears, baby.

Glitter and tears.


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Gigi said...

Oh! I didn't realize this is your last year(?)...yes, it's going to be chock FULL of glitter and tears.

I'm With Stupid said...

I came about your site in a most random fashion, but I think I recall you!!

Unknown said...

Oh how I've missed reading your blog. Happy to see you're still at it!


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