How many times have YOU said "Don't pick your nose!"?

As I prep for my 30.5thyear of teaching I’m thinking back on all I’ve accomplished.  This is what I’ve realized. 

1.    I’ve said the pledge at least 5400 times. 
2.    I’ve said, “Get your finger OUT of your nose about 3,000,000 times. 
3.  I've said, "Please get your hands out of your pants!" about 2,000.000 times.
4.    I’ve spent at least $14,000 of my own money on books ALONE in my career.  That is a conservative amount, because I couldn’t bear the thought of going back farther than 22 years to keep track.
5.    I have earned over 100 college credits over these 30 years, and that DOESN’T count ALL of the grueling hours of professional development. (I would like to call it something else, but I feel the need to be a bit PC here.) I may actually get that master’s in December, and you can bet your booty I’m walking across that stage. 
6.     I have had the honor to work with at least 14 amazing student teachers and interns over the years.  They have EACH taught me some incredible things, and I will never be able to thank them enough. 
7.    I have completed over 2,270 report cards. 
8.    I have worked in four different elementary schools, but feel so fortunate to be coming to the end of my career at Easterly Parkway. It’s truly a unique and amazing community. 
9.    I have laughed until I’ve cried at LEAST 100 times each year, which I’m sure has kept me alive and kicking. 
11  I have cried on the last day of school for 30 years. 
12  I have cried the night BEFORE school for 29 years. I’ll keep you posted about August 20th.

These are just a few things I’m thinking about these days, and look forward to what THIS year will bring.  Along with that, I am hoping to get this last project funded at Donorschoose.org.  If I DO, then I can spend my classroom money on paint, craft paper, headphones for the kids and lots of glitter.  

Thanks for at least considering it-and if you need a small tax deduction, this is a great way to get it….