You can't tell ME there wasn't a full moon!!

Let’s see if we can recap the day, shall we?

At morning meeting, 8 children raised their hands when the teacher asked if anyone had eaten the chocolate from their advent calendar for breakfast.

Three children then informed the teacher that they had been at a Paw Patrol Live event at the local convention center and were DISAUSTED.  (But still energized enough to talk non-stop about it throughout the WHOLE morning meeting to anyone who would listen.) Then, Claudia hit Mark when I was trying to get Mark to give someone ELSE a chance to share.

When I final wrapped up the rowdy morning meeting, that pesky Gingerbread Man left a note and the teacher stupidly led the children on a hunt through the school that did NOT END WELL.  Let’s just say that they ran like banshees through the whole school shouting into any room that had an open door asking about the Gingerbread Man. Yes, I did try to chase them down-but when kids scatter it’s hard to decide who to chase first.  In the midst of the melee, 3 of our English as a Second Language students got lost, 1 child ran off to the nurse’s office for the (apparently) free crackers and juice that she gives if you say your tummy is rumbling, and the rest of the class managed to find their way back to the class a full TEN MINUTES before this teacher could find them.  I may have 2 new knees, but my doctor still insists that I do NOT run. (Which the children are dangerously aware of.)

At the end of a loud and crazy morning  I tried to put a lid on the HUGE pot of Jiffy Pop popcorn children.  As I sang a song to gather them on the carpet Andy proceeded to run into Mark, who then fell on top of Teddy who decided to grab Colby on his way down.  This started a free for all that resulted in a huge pile of screaming children on the carpet.  One or two children on the bottom of the pile were crying. (As was the teacher, at this point.)

So, while I am trying very hard to love each and every day, this one was one for the books.  

I am too exhausted to even begin to describe the afternoon, but this might give you an idea of what it was like.

The fact that the kids all ran to me for a hug at the end of day SHOULD soothe these tired bones. They, apparently, had no IDEA that the day was one for the books.  (And I don’t mean the good books. )

Pass the vodka.


Carrie Koch said...

I tell you. There may not be a full moon, but there's something in the air. The kids in my world are out of their minds.

Gigi said...

You are a saint. An absolute saint because I wouldn't have been able to make it to lunch!

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