A funny thing happened on my way to my hip replacement...

It was supposed to be a fairly easy procedure. Well, at easy as a hip replacement could be. 

They would knock me out, go in and replace the old, arthritic hip and replace it with a shiny new one. Bing,Bam, Boom.  Easy, Peasy Lemon Squeezy. 

I planned on having it done June 27th- which would give me plenty of time to heal. Hell, after the last one I was walking without a cane OR a limp when I went for my 2 week suture removal.  I would have time to heal, recover by mid-July, go wedding dress shopping for Bitchy’s September wedding and all would be well! 

However, we all know better than that.  

Things were going way too well.  I had made it through the year, had several amazing retirement parties, attended a kick-ass bridal shower for Bitchy (more to come) and was just gonna check this last tiny thing off my list.

I was the first one for surgery on the 27th, which meant an arrival time at the hospital of 5:30 a.m.  (This is when being a morning person comes in a little handy.)
Fred and I are getting a bit used to these kinds of things, so after checking me in and wheeling me back to the pre-op area he decided to head back home for a few more winks.  

I was very comfortable with my surgeon, for he has replaced not only my other hip but both my knees.  Now don’t go thinking he’s surgery crazy, because he’s not. In fact he normally goes the conservative route- except when he knows there is no recourse.  He is also very well known for his low rate of infection and the nurses in the hospital all rave about him. Frankly, I’ve been raving about him for years. 

I woke up in my room after who knows how many hours of surgery and recovery and Fred was by my side.  I felt okay, but certainly groggy.  

“You’re fine honey,” he said.  “But there was a bit of a complication.”  I was still a but fuzzy, but he continued. “Apparently when they were hammering the joint into your bone, your bone fractured. “ 

“Oh, okay.”  I said, and went right back to sleep.   It wasn’t until later that afternoon when the doc came to see me that I fully understood the ramifications of said bone fracture. 

“Well, I don’t want you putting any weight on that foot for 6 weeks.” 

“WHAT?”  I said. 
“I said, I only want you to use a walker and toe touch on that side for six weeks.” 

“SIX WEEKS? Six.  Weeks??” I looked a him.  I was really trying to wrap my head around this. “Oh.  Okay.” 

He shook his head, “These things happen sometimes. Your bone was very brittle, and it fractured. We need to be very careful so it can heal.  We will take a look at it in 2 weeks and see if it’s healed enough to put any weight on it. But I want you to be prepared for the fact that it MIGHT take 6 more weeks.” 

So here I am, a week and some change into recovery, and reminding myself that things could be way worse.  Well, to be honest it was Fred that reminded me. As I was having a pity party yesterday, he said, “Hey, are you done working? Did you just retire?” 


“Do we have a great thing here together?” 


“Do we live in a beautiful home and get to go on wonderful trips?”


“And are we having a beautiful wedding here soon?” 

“Yes!” I said.  “Okay! I get your point!  No more whining!!” 

Now, if anyone out there hears me whine ONCE, come on over here and slap me. 


Gigi said...

No matter how wonderful things are, you are allowed to whine when you discover that your recovery time just got that much longer. Heal up soon!

Lorraine said...

Oh, gee! So sorry about that. Think positive thoughts. And if you still need a walker or cane by the wedding, just get out your glue gun and bling it up. Wouldn't Bitchy love that!

Suzy said...

I didn't know you had both your knees replaced. FWIW, I have a few FB friends who had theirs replaced and they have never stopped complaining about them. It got to the point where I thought,"Gee, maybe they're a lot more complicated than I thought." But no, it's just that some people don't handle pain well and need a lot more attention. Glad you are handling it well.

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