I love surprises. (aka Squidward Tentacles is alive and well)

I have been trying to snorkel every day since we've been here at Grand Cayman. Fortunately my fella has a home right on the water, so it's incredibly easy to meet my goal. 

See that view? It's from the front door.

I've been seeing some amazing things every single day.  I snorkel in almost the same area, but am always thrilled when I see something new.  Today is was this fella.

He's a Caribbean Reef Squid, and he changed colors and directions as I chased him around.  At one point he went from swimming forwards to backwards and turned a deep red. You would THINK that I would have figured out that something big was happening.  Then, he squirted a COOL bunch of ink and swam off VERY quickly.  Of course that was the ONE shot I missed.  

Now, I'm hoping to spot Sponge Bob tomorrow.  Wish me luck. 


Lorraine said...

Lucky you!

Andrea Charles said...

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