Open your eyes, please. The joy is right in front of you.

While we are here in Grand Cayman, I always begin my day with a walk. I know it’s probably not the SMART thing to do, but I always take the same route. Sure, it’s the opposite of what I tell my daughters to do every single day, but oh well.  I love the path, and I am a creature of habit. (I will try to work on that.) 

I take a walk each morning along the road to a particular place that has public beach access.  I walk up the steep steps to the opening, and make my way to the beach. It’s a lovely, lovely sight to see the sun just as it rises across Caribbean. 

I then turn and make my way home along the beach at the water’s edge. The sound of the water gently rolling on the shore is incredibly peaceful and calming. Because there is a coral reef that surrounds most of the island, the waves do their initial crashing along that reef, which makes the tide that comes onto the beaches relatively calm and soothing. The water is the most beautiful blue you’ve ever seen, and the smell is fresh and salty. In fact, the fresh smell from the water is unlike any I’ve experienced on a beach. It almost has no smell at all, except what I can only describe as fresh and clean.  

I walk the sand between the high tide line and the incoming water. I do this so that I can see what treasures the water has brought from the sea, and I am almost never disappointed. I’ve discovered many treasures that come up from the beach- many different small shells, sea sponges, sea fans and sea urchins. It’s the urchin shells that I treasure, because they are so fragile and somewhat hard to find! 

I have discovered that there are a few places that seem to have at least one or two each morning. I’ve learned through some research that sea urchins inhabit shallow reefs and sea grass beds that are somewhat protected. When the beach veers to the left as I’m walking, I know that it might be an area where some sea urchins will be washed ashore. They are often nestled in the turtle grass that comes ashore with the tide, and because they are so light, they are often on top of the grass. You have to know what you’re looking for, as some can be very tiny! They are usually white, but will sometimes have a green tint due to the algae.   

Lately I’ve also discovered some urchin shells in places that I haven’t found any before.  Once in a while as I’m walking, I’ll see one perched alone on the sand as if it had just been left by the wave that rolled in.  My heart always skips a beat when I find one, and it brings me joy. 

I find these moments of joy throughout my day because I am open to them. I delight in them and my heart is thankful for them.  I think that if you look for your own moments of joy each day, it makes this life a blessed one, indeed. 

 How do YOU find your joy? 


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