Escaping back to paradise...and praying for everyone else.

 My prince, Fred, has a home in Grand Cayman. He has been coming here since 1979, and has owned his Cayman home since 2002. I have been lucky enough to be coming here for the last 7 years. 

Last year when the world first realized we were in a pandemic, we got marooned here after they closed the borders. The truth is, we were already here since we typically arrive around Christmas Day, and we knew we could leave before the borders closed. We truly believed we would be safer here, and chose to ride out whatever might come in this tropical paradise. I knew my own children were with their partners in a safe environment, and they were all equipped to work from their homes. We couldn’t see them anyway, and who WOULDN’T want to be marooned on a Caribbean Island? 

We did fly home at the end of June of last year, and stayed hunkered down in our home in Pennsylvania taking all necessary precautions to continue to stay safe and COVID free.  While many of our friends and neighbors ended up getting it, we thank God that none of them suffered too much and that they are still alive to talk about it.  

We booked our return flights back to Cayman when we learned they were allowing homeowners back into the country, with some restrictions. If you return you must quarantine IN YOUR HOME for 14 days, wear a monitoring device, be available for phone calls and random check-ins and be tested when you arrive and on day 15. We are happy to comply, because once they remove your devices you are able to go about your business on the island with no mask or restriction. They have managed to keep COVID off the island, and have found ways to keep it that way. 

Our journey to get here was another story....stay tuned.