If you are going to write a Christmas Newsletter, for God's sake please tell the truth...

 Remember the “Christmas Newsletter” that would come with all of our Christmas cards back in the day? We would receive Christmas cards and a long typed page would fall out. It would fill you in on how amazing each family was, and how perfect each child was.  I think my own mother wrote some- and what I wouldn’t give for copies of those right now! 

I started writing my own newsletters early on in my marriage when the kids were young, just to keep my extended family of aunts and uncles  apprised of what was happening in my family. My parents were gone, and I thought that perhaps they might be interested in what was happening. (I was probably wrong about that, but what the hell.)

After a year or two I had an epiphany.  Why are all of these newsletters so amazing? Jesus, you can’t tell me that these parents aren’t fighting with their kids, that they aren’t sneaking out at night or fighting over boyfriends who are losers?  REALLY? I would just like to read one newsletter that told it like it really was. 

 I decided one year to write a newsletter that was real. After that, well, I just couldn’t help myself. I thought, perhaps, that I might be offending people. But then I saw my Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Larry and my uncle said that it was the one thing he looked forward to every Christmas.  

 While I might not have copies of the early ones, I will start with one that I DID find on my hard drive. I am sharing this in honor of my Uncle Larry, who reminded me that it was cool to be real.  He really was the best, and I will never forget that he made me feel loved for who I am.  

Enjoy- and if you  write a Christmas Newsletter, PLEASE tell it like it is!!

The good news is I finished my Christmas newsletter early this year.  The bad news is, the girls found it and were so mortified that they stole all my copies and shredded them before I could get them out.  We proceeded to have a screaming match that ended up with me making all sorts of promises.  So, here it is: I am not allowed to talk about anyone being arrested, any phone calls from parents during sleepovers (use your imagination), screaming hormonal teenagers, calls from the high school, fighting with siblings, or anything that would embarrass them.  That leaves me with nothin’.  However, in the spirit of the Christmas newsletter tradition, I am willing to give this a shot.  Here goes…

Bitchy is 18 now, and loves it here at home.  She is the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen.  She just loves her job at Wegmans making subs for the community at large, loves paying for her own gas and coffee at Starbucks, and can often be found playing board games with her sister and brother, after they’ve helped with dishes, laundry, cleaning and running errands for their mother.  She is having so much fun in high school, and is sad about graduating and going away to school.  In fact, she’ll probably go to Penn State and live at home because she loves us so much.  Sassy is also just a doll.  Aren’t all 15 year-old girls the best? She is sweet as can be, never yells at any of us for no reason, and can often be found sharing her clothes with her sister whenever she asks, or romping in the yard with her adorable 9 year-old brother.  (They are very close.) She never yells at us, and is best friends with her older sister.    The Golden Boy just adores his sisters as well.  They never pick on him, hold him down, tickle him until he cries, spit on him, or treat him badly in front of his friends.  They always go to his football games, and sometimes even go to his practices just to see him.  And, when they held him down last week and told him there was no Santa, they were just kidding.  He’ll probably stop crying real soon.  

I am having a blast writing a monthly column for the local paper, and am trying to keep up with an accompanying blog.  I still love teaching kindergarten, but am very exhausted at the end of the day, mostly from laughing, but also from keeping 20 six-year olds from hurting each other, peeing all over the bathroom floor and eating things off the carpet.   Bob is enjoying his work on I-99 as a roadway supervisor, but has nothing to do with the road not opening on time! I’m keeping him busy trying to get him to finish all his jobs around the house, but he keeps sneaking off to camp to finish all the project out there!  (Frankly, I’d rather he live THERE.)

We continue to pray for Kathy, Bruce, AnnaBelle and David, as they try to find their way through this time of such terrible sorrow.  We also send prayers to Tim Kavelak as he wages his own battle with cancer.  Yep, we thank God every day for His blessings, and pray He is keeping our departed loved ones close at hand. 

Well, as always, peace and love to you all – The Patrick family

P.S.   If you want to read the original letter, it’s on my blog, and was read by over 400 people.  (psst…don’t tell the girls)  


NettyNoodle said...

I loved reading this, you always make me laugh! And you definitely have your mother’s wit!! Thanks for sharing your gift!

promotional mugs with logo said...

I decided one year to write a newsletter that was real. After that, well, I just couldn’t help myself. I thought, perhaps, that I might be offending people. But then I saw my Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Larry and my uncle said that it was the one thing he looked forward to every Christmas.