Why we're disausted.

My intern and I had a great discussion last winter about why we were exhausted at the end of the day. I shared with her the book “32 Third graders and One Class Bunny”, by Phillip Done, which is a great book about being a teacher! (YOu guys know I'm obsessed with it. ) I suggested that we write down everything that happens in our first 15 minutes of the day. This would shed some light on why we are disausted. Here’s what happened that morning!

8:30 - The kids come barreling down the hallway. It’s not just our kids but kids from other grades who like to revisit their kindergarten teacher for hugs, and visit OUR class bunny!

Three kids tell us right away that Carly missed her bus-but her mom brought her.
Then, Julia is upset that she forgot her sneakers for gym again. Oh, and she might not be wearing underwear, either.
Ben is upset that his belt broke and he thinks his pants will fall down.
Annie is very upset because she hates all the lunch choices and wants to call her mom.
Jane is very happy because her grandma is visiting from Korea (for 120 days!).
Becky is excited about a loose tooth. Two others come over with their mouths open to show us their loose teeth!
Nate has a note that he is riding the bus home and will not go to daycare. (Might want to put that note in a safe and obvious spot!)
Julia is now crying and we don’t know why. (I have a sneaking suspicion it’s about the missing sneakers.)
Penny wants her shoes tied.
Rick tells us that he’s just feeling GREAT!
Andy wants help getting out of a too-tight sweater. (Have you ever tried that? It’s not pleasant for the kid.)
Jake wants to go to the nurse because he "frew" up before school. (Yikes! That’s never good.)
David wants a band-aid for his finger he cut the other day.
Travis is showing us his new Bakugon's, and bringing in anyone who is interested. (Which is everyone.)

Clock check - 8:43. Yep. That’s why we’re tired.


Hit 40 said...


LPC said...

My 19 year old son is teaching 7th graders this summer. Guess what he told me at the end of his first week of work? Yup. DiSAUSTED!

Malisa said...

Teachers have a special place in heaven...especially kindergarten teachers!


*Akilah Sakai* said...

Goodness! Crawl under your desk and hide. ;)

That's how my son says threw up. "Frew up." Too cute for words.

Gone, long gone. said...

I think that Jake has the swine flu.

Jackie D. Rockwell said...

I appreciate teachers! I'm the mom of a very spirited talented and gifted nail biter since pre-k. When asked why she was biting back then.. She said..."There's so much pressure!" I tried homeschooling the 2nd half of 2nd grade. Teachers didn't understand her or me. I quickly realized, I wasn't cut out for it. I must have done something right.. they took her back in 3rd grade!

The principal said at the back to school PTA mtg... "Don't believe everything they tell you about us and we won't believe everything they tell us about you." --That changed me. Kids will be kids.

I have my favs.. and there are some I can't stand.. Like the French teacher who pronounces Washington as "Warshington." Yikes!

You're on my favs list!!!

Thank you for lovingly putting up with other peoples children!

Unknown said...

Working at elementary school, the worst was the note from the parent saying, "Don't ride the bus" yet, the kid gets on the bus anyway. Then, the parents show up to pick up child and get hysterical that they won't be at the busstop waiting. Then I would scramble to call the bus depot and have them radio to the driver to bring student back. It was so chaotic!!

Or how about the lice checks???

Mrs. E said...

And this is why you hit Di-Sauce!!

Sandee said...

I'm tired just reading this. Thank goodness I'm not having to endure it. Yikes.

Have a terrific day. :)

Adrienne said...

You teachers are amazing.
When my kids were little I loved that early morning frenzy...but I got to leave after dropping them off!

Unknown said...

Mrs E..that was funny...

It is so true about the first 15 minutes..especially after a weekend or a school break..

and especially if you have a room full of kids whose every word is embroidered on a pillow in their homes! :) :)

Peace - Rene

mo.stoneskin said...



cheatymoon said...

This post makes me appreciate summer vacation that much more. :-)

SkylersDad said...

This is great! I love all your stories.

PS I am not wearing underwear either...

Boozy Tooth said...

God, VM, I'm disausted after just reading about your first fifteen minutes.

How martini breaks are you allowed during a typical school day?

The Seeker said...

My aunt (a school librarian) bought me that book when I got my teaching license. I LOVE it!

Teaching kindergarten, I've had similar mornings. However, we had breakfast before going to the classrooms in the caf. The busses did not arrive at the same time so all of that commotion was kind of staggered.

Roshni said...

they just love you so much! :)

Michel said...

Damn! I don't do shit!! No wonder you're tired. Why the hell am I tired then??

Keyona said...

And now I'm tired. I thought my 5 year old was a lot. I.Can't.Imagine. I bow to you.

Stephanie said...

Ah! I always cringe when my little one comes home with a band aid for some phantom cut. Maybe I'll try sending a baggie full of them next year. :)

darsden said...

And that is why I Admire teachers! I almost became one...I realize way back then I didn't have what it took to be a teacher...I scream to much :-))

Suzy said...

Sadly, all those things they go through is a typical day for me, except for frowing up.

DKC said...

Ha-Ha! Love it! Especially that Bakugon comment - those things are the bane of my existence!!

Kathy B! said...

No wonder you need a martini.

Divine Chaos said...

lol .. my sister is a teacher. she goes back and forth between kindergarten and 3rd/4th grade. there aren't as many kids in her class as yours .. but i know they wear her out by the end of the day. I can't even imagine being a teacher in a public school where the classes are so much larger (and she says she can't either). You rock!

Craig Glenn said...

LOL! You just can't make this stuff up!

I think you have the greatest job in the world... and you can keep it!

Hat's off to you and have a 'tini on me!


Unknown said...

That sounds like my morning & I'm not a teacher.

I loved Phil's book & getting ready to read his next one.

Alicia said...

oh yikes! i have on kindergartner and he wears me out...i can't imagine a whole gang of them! stopped by from sits...love the blog!

Mimi Lenox said...

And that is no joke.
I hope Julia found her underwear.

Desert Songbird said...

No underwear, missing shoes, mismatched socks, big sister's lunch, didn't bring a backpack....

The Mind of a Mom said...

i needed a nap after reading that! LoL
I bet after teaching these little people that there is nothing a little person can say to you that shocks you :o)

LegalMist said...

hey, at least little Jake "frew up" before school, and not on little Julia's gym shoes! haha

And I bet you looove velcro-fastening shoes. Each pair of those has got to save at least 2 shoe-tying sessions each day. They should make velcro shoes mandatory for kids in school until 3rd grade!

Joanie said...

You know, there's a reason why I'm not a teacher or a daycare worker.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what a day (or 15 minutes really). The kids sound cute though. I love the tag you gave it.

for a different kind of girl said...

Here I thought I was tired before the day had barely started! Seriously, God bless the teachers of the world!

Lawyer Mom said...

Remembering everything they say will certainly make you tired, too, but I'm glad that you do. They are too funny.

tiff said...

my boys' gave this book to their third grade teachers...both teachers called to let us know that they were laughing hysterically when reading it.

thanks for the recommendation way back when, as it made a great end of the year gift!

Anonymous said...

now i am, too.

Expat mum said...

Yes but you're used to it - it's you're job! (Just winding you up.) Seriously, when I had only one, I could barely do a whole day with her because I worked during the week. Now, I have a mom across the road, with baby twins and a three year old who is feeling the same way (ie. sheer horror at the thought of all her kids at the same time) and I'm thinking, "What's your problem? Just get on with it."

Sharon Rose said...

That is TMI so quick and so early! But it sounds like loads of fun!

Jessica said...

Just to think...that is why I'm completing 4 years of college!

Oh goodness!

Anonymous said...

I teach 3s and currently have 9 on my attendance, but I start my morning in PreK. I walk in and have at least 10 greet me the way your children greet you. And yesterday when I took them to my room at 9AM? I tell them to play in blocks until circle time which is 15 minutes away. They begin to run around the carpet hollering at the top of their lungs. It took them less than five minutes to have me pulling my hair out. And this is NOTHING compared to when I had 23 in my class and 18 of them were boys.

Anonymous said...

And THAT's why I teach high school. There's a whole different set of reasons why I'm exhausted at the end of the day, but at least I don't have to deal with loose teeth or sweater removal (although I did have to tell a tenth grade girl to put her sweater back ON one day, but that's another story...)

I have a tremendous amount of respect for those with the patience to teach kindergarten. Seriously.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Always nice to meet another teacher.

Lora said...

yeah...that's why I teach middle/high school. LOL. Although our teacher stories aren't nearly as adorable, I think I have more patience for the older set. 1-3 5 year olds is wonderful and amazing. 20 at once is the stuff of nightmares for me :-)

AS Amber said...

Omg, that's freakin' amazing. Now I'm disausted.

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