Scribble, scrabble, scrubble...

Today’s telling sharing in kindergarten here in Smith Elementary in Smythe, Oregon. (Frankly, it was just what the doctor ordered.)

Jim: I had a soccer scribble yesterday. You know, it’s kinda like a game but not really. A scribble.

Gertrude: I went to my mom’s cousin’s wedding in Miss Concert. (In case you need to brush up on your kindergartenese, that means Wisconsin.)

John: I declime.

Fred: I decrime.

Sally: I saw a meteor shower yast night.

Susie: I saw TWO meteor showers last night.

Jane: I saw FIVE meteor showers last night….and….and …they HIT my ROOF and my HOUSE catched on FIRE. (big smile).

Frank: I declimb.

I love this job………….

(I will post contest winners tomorrow. I'm disausted.)


buffalodick said...

You deal with 5 year olds, I dealt with Purchasing agents- we have a lot in common..

anymommy said...

I love these. I'm disausted too. I declimb to comment further.

Melissa B. said...

Funny! I'm going to Miss Concert this weekend to visit my chicas...I'll send my regards, OK?

mo.stoneskin said...

Still trying to work out what a scribble is. Dribble? And how would he have a dribble? Hmm, I think my kindergartenese is not up to scratch.

mommakin said...

Oh, that Jane... (she sounds a lot like my eldest...)

Pseudo said...

Mo I think it is that fake game they sometimes have at practice, name of which I cannot remember.

So I decrime. Actually, I teach 10th grade. sometimes I do decrime.

April D said...

My 4-year-old daughter is afraid of "fumber storms". LOL I LOVE the way kids talk!

Vodka Mom said...

mo- my love - a scribble is a scrimmage. I can see I might need to teach advanced Kindergartenese soon.


Brian Miller said...

lol. these are amazing! i read to the first grade this last week...my they have such interesting thoughts...and i am not allowed to read books about ninjas any more...

Karen Harrington said...

I'm livin' this dream right now! So much fun. The latest from mine, however, is that she got mad at me and told me I wasn't going to get to see her children. Ha! Already?

Sara said...

I think I'll use that as a response to my boss in the future.

"Yeah, I declime that project."

SkylersDad said...

After a shitty day, these are just what I needed!

Ekanthapadhikan said...

It's funny. But I sometimes feel that these toddlers make much more sense than we do.

Mike said...

OH! this is about kids? I thought George w Bush had made another speech! hehe!

Joanie said...

I'm disausted too for some reason.

I knew what a scribble was, even before I read the whole sentence!

Anonymous said...

Squeeze me? WHAT contest?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how you can keep a straight face long enough to teach a lesson.. I would be on the floor laughing... completely debilitated and dishausted.

The Blue Ridge Gal

P.S. I'm having a pretty scarf giveaway if you need a nice scarf to wear to school. :-)

Irish Gumbo said...

Miss Concert, is that what it is? No wonder I got lost on the way to Willmawkey!

Stacey J. Warner said...

Goom wondered the other day if our cats when I said they couldn't have babies...LOL!

cheatymoon said...

I once went to Miss Concert on accident.
I love working with kids. :-) Glad to hear Sassy is ok.

Anonymous said...

I love kids. Today my son said they had "sizzleberry" steak for lunch. He meant salisbury.

shrink on the couch said...

You are also hilacrious.

ChiTown Girl said...

I wonder if Gertrude stopped in White Castle Dells when she was in Miss Concert.

(One of my babies last year gave me that little gem when we were talking about places we went over Christmas break! tee hee!)

Anonymous said...

The kids must keep you laughing every day!

Rick Daley said...

My kids sleep in bonk beds and we eat Chinese food with chomp sticks.

S said...

Scribble! I love that!

Mango Girl said...

That was fumby!!!

Lucia said...

No way, a meteor hit my house and landed in my hot tub and we had enough boiling water to make everyone take baffes!
thank you for sharing you give me good chuckles.

Jan said...

Oh, I wish I could declimb tomorrow and just stay in bed.

The Mind of a Mom said...

You've got to know that i loved the soccer scribble! that is too cute


justsomethoughts... said...

they're cute.
but you have to sift through it all.
i'm always impressed by the rest of the day.
the part where you (as a teacher) have to have patience.

wfbdoglover said...

Holy COW someone came to visit me from your class? I am honored!

Surge said...

Hahaha, Oh god. I'm co oping with JK'ers right now, and one little boy dropped a piece of his cookie on the floor, picked it up and ate it.
"Oh! No, no don't do that little Jimmy."
"Hunny, it's alright, just next time never eat anything off the floor"
"Uh, uh, i know.. Just that it's already down in me.. *pats tummy* :("

Wild Child said...

Miss Concert is a nice state to live in too!

Love it!

Lawyer Mom said...

What? Is there any question here? Fred totally takes it with "I decrime."

MrsMonicaLB said...

well my kids feel sick and want to frowup!

Anonymous said...

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Captain Dumbass said...

Ha ha ha! You know what's really funny? When your four year old's head is spinning around shooting vomit like a sprinkler and he's screaming "this hour is mine!"

Ah, kids.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Reminds me of a SNL skit! Love it! Other than the germs,snot, whinning and occasional pee in pants you have the best job!

Carolyn...Online said...

I'm disausted too because I had the flu and my head exiplamoded.

*Akilah Sakai* said...

Heck, they speak better than some adults! Ha!

Anonymous said...

You taught them to say "I decline" when they have nothing to share. Do they wear ties in your boardroom too?!? Haha!

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

So very adorable! How do you stand it?

justmakingourway said...

"Declime" is the best. That and being totally psyched for a meteor to light your house on fire!

Merrily Down the Stream said...

Sheeesh! I didn't see a damn thing last night.

plainolebob said...

we would get disausted on trips and my little boy would alway ask when we were going to stop at the pissilities, so he could use the baffroom.
Bess says hi

Unknown said...

you're disausted?
do you have a feber?
get your tembachure checked :)
ask for the ear one
cuz the butt one is gross..


Cora said...


God, I adore little kids!!

Bethany said...

I LOVE the way kids talk. It makes my day...luckily I get to see the youngsters every day too :)

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