Even Mother Teresa probably had a bad day once. It was probably in December.

This time of year is challenging for all of us, but those of us in the trenches of this glittery, crafty, emotional Christmas tornado are wearing suits of armor to school. (And a packing a full bottle of Tylenol.)

Many of us like to call the month "When even the GOOD go bad" as we watch the little ones shake each day with uncontrollable anticipation. We see the children who have potential for challenging behavior become unglued, and the ones we've already wrapped in our arms are even more, um, entertaining.

It's the children that provide unexpected things that really surprise us.

Take Mollie, for example.

Mollie is a thirty-year old college professor cleverly disguised as an adorable fiveyear old. Sure, she laughs and jokes and plays Barbie's with the the other little people; but when no one's looking she's reading The Magic School Bus Chapter Books, discussing chemistry and doing square roots in her head. (I can tell.)

Today she came up to me with a shy, almost embarrassed look. "Mrs. Smythe, when I was in the bathroom I kind of had a tiny, tiny accident and leaked a teeny tiny bit on my pants. I'm going to go change, okay?" (We keep the box of extra clothes right in the nook by the bathrooms. We're brilliant sometimes.)

"Sure, Mollie. We all know accidents happen, and they happen to everyone, everyday, right?"

"Right!" She smiled a bit, and turned to walk back to the bathroom.

That's when I heard it.

Squish. Squish.

Walking away from me was someone who was DRIPPING from her completely SOAKED pants. My mouth dropped open.

SQUISH, squish, squish.

Her feet were floating in little boats filled with, um, something that was NOT water.

Teeny tiny???? Perhaps she's not as gifted as I thought.


Lynn MacDonald said...

Hahaha...that's hilarious. I suppose she could be a politician as she's learned the art of understatement. There sure are an endless amount of funny stories in that class. Makes me wonder what I missed with my own kids. I love this ditties!

duffylou said...

I suppose you couldn't just turn around and pretend you didn't see, huh?

Anonymous said...

Well as long as it was a teeny tiny bit...


Poor thing - I don't know if I mean her (she was old enough to be embarrassed) or you (who had to hold in the astonished look and laugh that followed as she walked away)

Oh - and probably the sigh as you got up to help her and clean up the puddles before someone else started jumping in them. I know, gross but some kids... they'd do it. I know, I've taken care of them.


Brenda Susan said...

Oh life is hard for those little ones huh? maybe she sees the "glass" half full?

Mellodee said...

The lesson to learn here is that if Mollie ever cries "Flood"....head for the hills IMMEDIATELY! lol!!

Gigi said...

I see a future career as a "spin" doctor for Miss Mollie.

SherilinR said...

like any good college professor, she's learned the value of cleverly placed understatments. smart girl.

AMY said...

Awwwwwwwww Poor Mollie!
Thats such a GREAT IDEA to have some extra clothes!

tamilyn said...

We had finally found a church down where we had moved after getting married. We were having our youngest baptized and our oldest was potty trained, but barely. We were standing up on the alter getting blessed and the oldest grabbed my arm and said she had to go. I said one minute, we just had to finish the blessing. She let go. I had to dump her shoes in the toilet to empty them. And my Dad turned the camera off right before it happened. We still tease her :)

Joanie said...

I don't even want to know what a big mess is in her book!

Sue said...

Thanks for making me smile tonight. Tis the season, that is indeed, tough to smile at times. But then some little kid pee's their pants and happily, and drippingly walks back to the bathroom to change and is all better! Such is life! We all mentally pee our pants here and there, and as long as we smile about it, every little thing will be okay.

Take care, Sue

Sharon Rose said...

I think I love Molly!

Been there, done that!

DB Stewart said...

Laughing at the "spin" doctor comment!
Yes indeed, the good do go bad in December. It's a good day (tomorrow) when holidays begin (TOMORROW!!!) I can't blame them. I can't wait either. TOOOOOOOOOOMOOOOOOOOOOOOROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!

Leslie said...


I moved: http://thenewroof.blogspot.com/

Captain Dumbass said...

Liam's K teacher seemed a little jittery yesterday. It was concert day.

PS. Finn got his first sign today.

Moxymama said...

I love reading your posts. My daughter started Kindergarten this year and listening to her and her friends talk sounds really similar to many of your conversations.

I love the idea of extra clothes. My daughter's school doesn't have that and I have always wondered how they'd handle an accident.

Cheryl D. said...

Mollie sounds like my daughter! That's so funny. My daughter taught herself to read at 4. She was reading articles in National Geographic Explorer for Kids while she was still in preschool. She'd come to me all the time with questions like, "Is it true that the Earth might get wiped out by a meteor in 25 years?" "Is it true that the Earth is getting warmer and warmer and the polar bears are losing their homes?" I quickly learned that I wasn't ready for her to know the things that she was reading in magazines. Ugh. She loved reading the Magic School Bus series in Kindergarten last year!

Oh, and she finally was fully potty trained when she was 5! Yes, she was friggin' reading about a year before she would use the potty in a somewhat reliable manner.


WeaselMomma said...

Something similar happened to me once upon a time, in the first grade. Here's to the teachers that clean up behind us!

Wendy said...

Perhaps Mollie was just a teeny tiny itsy bit Embarrassed!

Hang in there. Tell yourself it's just another day, and at least you are still alive.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Yikes. I hope you're wearing armor, packing Tylenol AND rubber gloves. What a soggy little thing she must have been.

Hopefully today was your last day of school before vacation?

Merry Christmas, jj

Krystal Grant said...

Poor Mollie. She has a teacher that doesn't understand exactly what teeny tiny means! LOL

jessica said...

Mollie will know teenie tiny pee after 3 kids and a good laugh ha!
There's a 2 yr old in my class who is "potty trained" Actually, we are trained to take her every half hour and she is trained to pee on herself if we forget. But the mom doesn't understand these accidents because she's NEVER had an accident except for school. Maybe my asst. and I just arent trained as well as mom and dad :)

Joan said...

Is Molly of British extraction?

RottenMom said...

I feel for Mollie, every time I sneeze, I pee just a tiny, tiny bit.

Dawn said...

"We see the children who have potential for challenging behavior become unglued, and the ones we've already wrapped in our arms are even more, um, entertaining."

I'm not sure WHY they even allow school a week before Christmas...I know mine have already checked out...mentally that is.

Poor Molly.
Poor Vodka. (that is if you had to clean it up)

Here's to Christmas break!!

"Cookie" said...

She's a Southern girl at heart!!! Sugar coat it and it will all be ok. hahahaha.... I'm a Southern girl so I can say that. :) Like my dad says, "She wouldn't say shit if she had a mouth full of it."

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