Fancy Nancy needs a home...

I've decided to start the giveaway today. Tomorrow I'll be wrapping, cooking, crying, wrapping more, and keeping myself distracted from all that ails.

I found several packages nestled on my doorstep last week. One of them was from a publishing company in NYC with some beautiful gifts. (I was hoping it was a CONTRACT or an OFFER but I guess you need an agent for that...) Anyway, in light of the season, I'd like to offer these goodies up to a deserving fan.

For those of you who don't KNOW Nancy, she's an adorable little character from the Fancy Nancy books, written by one talented Jane O'Connor. Nancy's captured the hearts of moms, teachers and young children everywhere and I am duly honored to be able to share these gifts.

The doll AND a DS game to play on what Frank calls his PDA. (I know, I know.)

A gorgeous hardbound version of the new Nancy and the Fabulous Fashion Boutique.
Who doesn't LOVE paper dolls? Let's be honest.

This is a reusable sticker book- and God knows where THOSE stickers will end up.

And finally a box filled with various other Nancy goodies.

You job, as if you aren't busy enough?

1. You should probably tweet this a hundred times.
2. Find me about 500 more loyal followers.
3. Send a prayer up for any friends or neighbors in need this holiday. Make a call, deliver some cookies, or drop a card in the mail. They will appreciate it, I guarantee it.
4. Relax. Slow down, enjoy the day, and wrap your children in your arms.
5. Oh, and leave a comment explaining why you're worthy.

I will end this contest on Sunday, and promptly ship out the package Monday morning. I can't wait to send this to a child who will love Nancy with all her heart.

Merry, merry my friends. I send a kiss out to all of you, as you have lifted me beyond measure.


SherilinR said...

i would love to have that fancy nancy box of fabulosity for my 8 year old daughter who has a glorious vocabulary and is always looking to add in new words and enjoys some of the fancy things life has to offer. and besides, who doesn't love reusable stickers?

Unknown said...

I would love the Fancy Nancy gift for my just turned fabulous 7 year old. Her birthday was last week and we had a very Fancy Nancy pink posh birthday party for her. It was magnificent and she would love your fantastic gift!

angie said...

I teach 1st grade with 16 students, 11 of them boys. I was told my boys were enough to put hair on my chest. Yikes! I have 5 of the sweetest girls in the world. They would love Fancy Nancy so they can block out all the craziness from those chest-hair growing boys!

Erika Jean said...

I little 3 year old I nanny for would LOVE this book. She is all about stories books and the library. Should would be thrilled to have a book she didn't have to return! ;-)

An Unlikely Retirement said...

Because I will tweet the crap out of this. And I have an 8 year old daughter who loves "Fancy Nancy." She is always in trouble because she thinks the library due dates do not apply to "Fancy Nancy" books.

LilliGirl said...

I don't tweet but my own daughter is my Fancy Nancy and learning to read she would LOVE to get these in the mail. I just know Nancy would replace her penguin and sleep with her every night!

Daphne Whitley said...

I am not worthy. This Christmas, I don't feel worthy of much...bronchitis, and strep throat, and trying to be cheerful this first year without my dad, and worrying about my mom who does things like fall and split her head open on her wheelchair three days before Christmas have all taken so much of the fanciness out of me this December. I am worthy of little more than coal in my stocking. But my daughter...my first grader...she is worthy. She spent her Christmas money today on a present for me. She said she wanted to see me smile. And, smile I did. Through my tears. Yes, she is worthy! She loves Fancy Nancy and I would love to see her face light up when she opened a box from you filled with Fancy Nancy goodies...

Sammi said...

Well, this is my first time commenting here even though I have been a faithful reader for over a year now. I would love the Fancy Nancy gift for my 6 year old daughter who is in First Grade. We are struggling with reading so the book would be a great way to keep her interested in the story! Thanks, Sammi

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so not worthy but I will try for it. I'm a tired Mom who used to read all the time to the children I take care of but since I stopped doing it I will read to the kids at whatever daycare I get hired to.

I miss the kids - so much for a change I guess.


TMCPhoto said...

I'd like to think I'm worthy, however I'm not entering for myself, I'm entering for my daughter is so worthy that she practically glows with it.

Cheryl said...

I know a worthy little weirdo who'd adore Fancy Nancy. She'd have been your favorite when she was in kindergarten. Guaranteed.

Jamie said...

I would love this set for my classroom. I teach special education, emotionally disturbed kids and 4 of my 8 students are girls. Almost all of my students are victims in some way or have serious mental illnesses. The girls adore Fancy Nancy and I would love to add this collection to my class. These little kids are always needing something more to work for. Thanks for such a sweet give away. :)

Notes From ABroad said...

I am not worthy but wanted to send hugs and love.

Kimberly and the GA Guinn Triplets said...

I am gonna play the triplet card...I have identical triplet girls who think Fancy Nancy hung the sun moon as stars...They would be over the moon to recieve a PACKAGE of Fancy Nancy Stuff...Did I mention I am also a single mom...Does that help?

Bragger said...

My 6-year-old great niece is about to become a big sister three days after Christmas. I would like to give her a gift so she doesn't feel forgotten in the excitement of baby brother's arrival.

OHmommy said...

Wait? Fancy Nancy has a new book about Fashion? How did I miss this. My about to be four year old would love this for her bday. As the baby of the house she's getting a hand-me-down DS wrapped up in a new box, for her bday gift. Hey, it's all about re-use and being green, no?

Valerie Zagami said...

Ok I am worthy because my little girls are grown up, I have 2 grandsons so I do tea parties for adults and children. I LOVE Fancy Nancy and would never buy her books as I buy boy books. I think Fancy Nancy would be great for little lady tea parties and even bigger lady tea parties. I have Miss Spider in my tearoom now. But I must say that I think Jamie who works with special needs children is more worthy than I. Thanks for guesting on Mommy Doodles blog. Valerie, Mommy Doodles mom...

Missy said...

Oy! If I could, I'd tweet, twitter, twotter, tutter, toot to everyone! Instead, I'll just say my five year old daughter adores Fancy Nancy and would love to receive a package of her goodies. Thanks and happy wrapping!

Dawn said...

I, too, have TWICE as many boys as I do girls in my classroom. Those wonderful girls help me survive the FULL moon/weather changing induced craziness of our classroom.
Fancy Nancy would be a perfect addition to our classroom :)

Ellie Belen Ambrose said...

I am highly worthy. But like my Mom says, "I'll be the judge of that." Can I call you Mom? Anyways, it would be such a kick to get this prize.

I have a very fancy sister named Nancy who'd be thrilled to find that someone has found her as fascinating as she has. My sister, Ramona already has her own book-sake. My sister Evelyn is keeping her fingers crossed. All have beautiful daughters who read ravenously, except the five year old. She scared to read. Maybe this will help.

klbuley said...

My pistol-of-a-daughter is six this year, and waited to tell Santa two NEW items she wanted for Christmas (AFTER i was done shopping!). FN was on the NEW list, but I was done, so she might be disappointed. The other request? New bike tires....I mean really, who asks Santa for bike TIRES!?!?
Pick Me! Pick Me! Really - Pick her! Pick Her! She really is rock-awesome, and one day will take me on Oprah to talk about the time Santa disappointed her....but for now, she's the coolest girl ever.

Cheryl D. said...

My 6-year old daughter would really love this Fancy Nancy set. I'm about to dictate what she tells me. She's going to have to sell herself! Here goes:

I really like Fancy Nancy. I'm a good reader and would enjoy reading the book! I also really like the plush doll. I hope you pick me! Thank you for the contest and good luck everyone!

Back to me:

How can you not pick her? She's adorable!

Joanie said...

How cute!!! Since my baby will be 20 years old on December 26, I don't think I want to go into the drawing. I just wanted to say How Cute!

duffylou said...

I wanted to wish you Happy Holidays!

Not interested in Fancy Nancy, but think you're a doll, ha, for sharing her with your readers.

Laura said...

Fancy Nancy is a pretty new addition to our household of characters loved: The Wiggles, Caillou, Dora, Max & Ruby, Tinkerbell, all Disney Princesses, Abby Cadabby (though these two might be related!) and Spiderman. My 3 yr old daughter (the 4th of five kids), who has a vast vocabulary herself, is an emerging fan of Nancy's. I have some lovely photos of her attmepts to develop her own Fancy style, and I'm loving someone so unpredictable & hilarious in our life, vs. the tired old characters we love. Thanks for this great giveaway!!
Praying for a Peace-filled Christmas & New Year for you!

Mom24 said...

I'm going to skip #1 and #2. Sorry. :)

I'm definitely praying and visiting. Trying hard to relax, slow down, chill.

I'm worthy because I have a little girl who would be over-the-moon if I won this package. She had the opportunity to meet Jane O'Connor once, and was SO excited!

Merry Christmas.

tracey.becker1@gmail.com said...

I have about 3 little girls who would all LOVE some Fancy Nancy stuff for their birthdays! What a great present!

Merry Christmas, Deb. Hope it's full of smiles and hugs.

Nancy said...

I'm worthy of this one because as a REAL Nancy, my nickname growing up was Fancy Pantsy Nancy...and my two kiddos still believe me when I tell them that these books are about me, of course!

Plus as a high school teacher, I can totally relate to your Bitchy and Sassy stories, since my classrooms are full of kids just like them!

Best wishes for 2011--you sure deserve it!

Nancy G.

Anonymous said...

Not so worthy here....am a mom to 4 girls, 2 of which are Fancy Elly and Fancy Phoebe. I do want to tell you that you are thought of often, with oodles and oodles of positive energy. Also, as an elementary teacher that has been home for the last 5 years, I wanted you to know that you have given me the spark and courage to jump back into school by remiding me of what I love most about teaching! Many hugs and smiles to you!


Vodka Mom said...

no, i'm not entering my own contest, I just want to respond to anonymous. You have made me smile, and cry. I love that you read me, and that you are inspired. I LOVE MY JOB, and can't imagine doing anything else. The little ones need teachers who care, who smile, who laugh and who love.

And the rest of you who read but don't comment? I thank YOU as well.

Irish Gumbo said...

Psst...VM, over here.


Make sure that Fancy Nancy gets to someone who truly will cherish her. And you?

Merry Christmas, doll. Peace and blessings.


Anonymous said...

My "Fancy Nancy" is 6 and named Emily. When I read about the Emily in your class, I often wonder if my daughter has escaped the state to visit you! She is a pistol and I even introduced her 1st grade teacher to your blog.....my daughter may drive the teacher to drink. She came home with a paper this fall that said, "I can ride a dick!" I asked her teacher about it and she hadn't noticed that paper, but said there were no demonstrations that day! Yes, my "Fancy Nancy" would be a thrilled girl to receive the gift pack. Oh yeah, she took flowers from my birthday bouquet to give to her teachers :-) and loses homework so she cans tay in with her favorite teacher.

Moxymama said...

I have a 5.5 year old daughter who would just love to have this. She loves the stories and would love to receive this package.

kristen0302 said...

When my daughter first discovered Fancy Nancy she insisted that we all call her Nancy as she was convinced the stories were about her! She would be so excited to win this wonderful prize!

Unknown said...

I love to read. I began early and was devouring chapter books earlier than most. My Katie is.a.challenge. I want her to love to read. To try her very best because she's excited. Before she's old enough to sneak all of the smut off my bookshelves, I want her to read Anne of Green Gables. And have a crush on Gilbert. Fancy Nancy has been recommended to me by some close family that know Katie oh so well. She'll be getting her first book this Christmas and I'm hoping that it will be the spark. I think this prize package would be the icing on the cake.

Jeanne Estridge said...

I'm worthy because I'd give Nancy and her goodies to my adorable Kylie, who's finding the whole learning-to-read experience pretty challenging.

I'd find you more followers, but I think you already have practically everyone in Blogland.

r0xjo0 said...

My 5 year old ADORES Fancy Nancy AND she's a beginning reader, so she likes to try and READ Fancy Nancy. There. I win. Now send me my goodies!! ;)

Courtney said...

My sister was just telling (whining) to me last night that her 5 year old daughter wanted the Fancy Nancy DS game and books so bad but they were so expensive. I told her to look at a used book store for the books. What would be second best to finding them cheaper? Well winning them for her would be awesome. She is learning to read and these are her favorite books (my niece not my sister lol). I hope i get these for her.

KirstyB said...

O.M.G. We are Fancy Nancy fanatics here! :) What an amazing giveaway! I know of a few other little girls in our neighborhood who would be overjoyed with some of these goodies too!! Thanks for the opportunity to win this stash! :)

Viridiana said...

I LOVE LOVE love, did I mention love Fancy Nancy. Please pick me!!! Please please.

Amber N. said...

I have a little girl who is totally into fancy and I know would love a little Fancy Nancy in her life.
mamabyadoption at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Hey, yo teach! I'm worthy, because I am SO over Flat Stan. Send me Fancy Nancy any day o' the week!

Have a Merry Christmas!

jessicaj75@aol.com said...

I don't deserve to win anything because i'm a horrible mother and have already yelled at my 14 yr old boy and 16 yr old girl today. on christmas eve. but they roll their eyes and they KNOW that will aggravate me!!!

i didn't, however, yell at my wonderful (read:favorite) 7 yr old daughter today and SHE deserves good things! (like that DS game!)

oh and because i comment even when you don't have giveaways ;)

AND... i'm a preschool teacher and THAT deserves something!
(i'll love you even if i don't win!)

Anne said...

I don't know if I 'deserve' to get anything... I am already blessed... I am blessed to be the teacher of 24- 6 and 7 year old first graders. I am also blessed by 3 beautiful girls who adore F.N. ages 13,10 and 8. You are a wonderful lady... may the blessings of the season fill your heart with exultation which is a fancy word for joy. :-)

Anonymous said...

We LOVE Fancy Nancy! I have four daughters (12, 8, 6 and 3) who would love this. Well maybe not so much the 12 year old :) We are soooo fancy around here. My 8 yr old would love the doll (you can't even see her bed from all the stuffed animals and dolls, we wouldn't want to hurt ones feelings). My 6 year old would love the books, she loves reading. My 3 yr old would love the stickers (all over her body:) And the DS game, shhhhh, they are getting a DS for Christmas. Merry Christmas! Hugs!


Lost in Translation said...

Oh my goodness! My daughter Jayden is 6 years old and she is Fancy Nancy with all of her fabulousity rolled into the little 6 year old version of Nancy! She has just began reading and has brought home ONLY Fancy Nancy books from the library! She absolutely loves all of these books, many she has not had a chance to read yet! We have been looking forever for a bundle of her books that are not 15 dollars a piece! It would be so amazing for Jayden if she were chosen for these fab gifts! She loves her so much that we had to turn our back porch into Fancy Nancy girly space in the Poet Extraordinare book! She would be so happy to find these waiting for her! Have an amazing holiday and a grand Christmas! Thanks so much!

Chelsie and Jayden

Steph said...

My daughter is 6 and an avid Fancy Nancy Fan. Her Dad is in Afghanistan and I took the kids "home for the holidays" thinking it would be better to be around family--but its just one drama after another. The latest being that the kids have been sleeping for the last two hours and I just realized that we forgot to put the cookies and milk out for Santa. AGH--Can't wait for 2010 to be over.

Kate said...

Well. I don't have any kids. But my best friend lets me be a mother to hers when she's had just about enough. There is a particular five year old who is Satan's mistress whom I love dearly. She loves Fancy Nancy. And I love her.

Sharon Rose said...

Dear sweet friend,
I have no little girls who would cherish Nancy. She wouldn't feel at home here. But I am sure you will find just the right home for her.

I just stopped by to wish you an amazing and beautiful Christmas day with your children!

Mona Baker said...

i would like to have the fancy nancy stuff for my daughter as she has 4 same age brothers and (as if that weren't enough) loves her and girly stuff

Unknown said...

My 5 year old girly girl would love to share with Fancy Nancy. Her two brothers would love a break from her too. :)


essie said...

my Fancy Nancy days are coming to a temporary hiatus...our little fancy is almost 15 now, BUT
when she was in first grade
she was VERY MUCH like the daughter of Daphne Whitely who left a comment up above.

we certainly don't need nancy, but, would like you to give Daphne's daughter our vote...by really understanding the spirit of giving she put more than one smile on a momma's face!

merry christmas martini!
with a delish olive on top!

Kendra said...

I have a a niece that turns 3 in March and if I can win the giveaway I would definitely earn the best aunt award 10 times over!

Alexandra said...

I love you, Vodka. I really do.

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