If I were Oprah, I'd send you all thousands of dollars and plenty of chips.

I'd like to blather on and on about how grateful I am for the emails, cards, notes, etc, that have lifted me. I hope that soon I will feel more comfortable going into detail about some of these incredible acts of kindness.

Instead, I want to present a gift to one of you that was graciously offered to my by an amazing artisan. She contacted me in December with an idea for a gift and a discount to her shop, and then sent me a gift of my own to see if I liked her work. (Discount is "shot of vodka." I think.)

I was amazed.

In fact, I now consider this one of my most precious pieces of jewelry. (Oh sure, I don't really HAVE any jewelry, except for some of my mother's pieces and the Pandora bracelet my sister gave me, but I am hoping to rectify that in the future.)

It is seriously beautiful, and might look a little like that picture up there; but with slightly different names.

I am giving away this necklace, and am offering also a discount to any of you to purchase something at her shop. A gorgeous necklace for ONE OF YOU!! (I wish I could give you all one, but then I'd need my own show, assistants, and that could get messy.)

In order to win? Yikes, I hate this part.

Just leave a comment that want this necklace!

(And I won't be proud and I'll ask for you to visit Babble (to the left) and vote for two people you admire.)

If you Tweet about this, you can have two entries.

And if you tell me how to maintain my sanity and humor while riding this roller coaster I would greatly appreciate it.

Better yet. Make me laugh.


Macey said...

She has some amazing stuff!
I went and voted for you on Babble. :)
I don't know how to make you laugh...the only thing that makes me laugh is watching other people fall and stuff.
I know it's not right, but it's the truth.
I kinda suck like that.

Macey said...

Aaaaand, I tweeted:
Have a good nite, friend!
Hey. Here's a chuckle, my word ver. is URANIS. HAHAHHAA. Yes, I AM a 12 year old boy.

Mrs. E said...

Sanity is highly overrated...and roller coasters are much more exciting than merry-go-rounds. Just sayin'....!

Laura said...

I don't know how to tweet, and I tried to vote on Babble, but it still shows my red thumbs-up from the last time I tried, & even when I click it, it doesn't increase the number...I'm really bummed about this!
I can make you laugh though: My darling 3 year old's quote of the day was "Pasta la vista, Baby." (Do you think she might be a little bit Italian on her dad's side?)

Maggie May said...

Thanks, lady. You threw me a shot!
( which could be interpreted in so many ways )

' you gotta brush / that/ dirt off your shoulder '

nothing like some Jayz to inspire a girl.

Jane Glerum said...

Voted for other folks - check.
Tweeted - check.
Make you laugh -- hmmm, not sure my high school kids are a match for little Frank, but some days they come close. I was working w/a group of seniors one day and we were writing a classified ad for a swim instructor (they were about to write ads that they would do mock interviews for). We were looking for qualifications to list and got stuck after approximately TWO - life guard certificate and experience. I asked, after a long, long silence, "C'mon guys - what do you need if you're going to be a swim instructor?"

Jimmy - my little Franky - says in all seriousness....


Still makes me grin to this day!

(and how funny is it that my captcha for this post is "Loogie"?! Betcha' Frank could have fun with that!)

Cheryl said...

I'm kinda tired to try to make you laugh. This, however, may help.


Wendi rocks the extranormal vid. I dare you not to laugh at this.

Anonymous said...

Here's your laugh for the day, might even rival Frank who I adore!
My friend's niece is not quite two and uses SOB correctly...yes, really! Her mom took her high chair tray off of her, the little princess looked down, saw food all over her clothes and Son of....yeah. I about died laughing. I love this kid.
Thanks for making me laugh every day. You will get through this. Really. And come out on the other side, maybe not better but okay and that's all that counts. Because really what choice do we have but to go forward? I am not a woman to sit buy and watch life pass me by, move to four cities by myself, check, by a house by myself, check, head up a big charity event with a great team, check, survive the death of many family members and friends. You can do it too. And that crap about "if anyone can do it,you can, yeah, total crap in my mind. Hang tough my friend.

Brian Miller said...

that is a wicked cool necklace...and check your email in about 5 monutes...but it wont make you laugh...

tamilyn said...

Imagine you work with me at the distribution center: picture a 300 pound man who when he bends over in front of you, the amount of crack showing will make you think you should be smoking a cigarette; or the one who locked himself in the bathroom (just push the handle all the way DOWN and the lock will pop out), the one I had to spell DATE for (he thought I was saying cape or grate??) or the ones who when I say 'sign on the bottom right hand corner' have to look at their hands to know which corner is the right side corner.....

I love the necklace, and now that I'm in an office setting with my company I can wear jewelry again...will check out that site :)

網站設計 said...

hooray, your writings on theater and writing much missed!

unmitigated me said...

Voting for you on Babble, as always! Does she make one of those that says "faith hope love vodka peace"?

Linda M said...

Don't twitter yet (but will vote for you)! So, here's a funny story... Remember the last big snow we had a few weeks ago? My soon to be 16 year old snow blowed the driveway and then proceeded to snow blow half the back yard into a giant snow mound, until he ran out of gas....
Do you think we got gas for the snow blower yet?

Nope. Just got my cardio work out in. (Shoveling while swearing burns extra calories!) Oh, and why am I shoveling instead of him?

He's sick in bed for the 4th day in a row.

Cora said...

Ooh ooh ooh! I would like to be entered in the drawing! That thing is lovely.

As for keeping your sanity, here's my prescription: long walks, fudge brownies, and crying like a preschooler when you just need to let it out.

Just don't combine all three at the same time or the neighbors will talk.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vodkamom,
Smile, Your beautiful.
I know I do every day as I read your blog, hell, I am usually laughing out loud.
50 and looking forward to the second half of life (aka Tanya)

Anonymous said...

I bet I can make you giggle. I have a 2 year old boy. He's the cutest thing ever, it's a good thing he's so freaking adorable. This weekend he's learned to open the back door. Saturday evening, I was in the other room on the computer and Daddy was in the living room with him. It go suspiciously quiet in the living room. I went around the corner to check it out. The baby was outside with no coat and no socks or shoes screaming at the top of his lungs with the dog chasing him. Where was Daddy? Sitting on the couch watching a movie.

Cappy said...

Long time lurker sending you hugs...

This always tickles my funny bone. Sometimes you can just feel the frustration/embarrassment of the two in the conversations:



w.v. dessess Does it go with disaution? grin

We are Three said...

would love this necklace!
Spend more time with friends and do what you love.

Nina said...

Ok, for the laugh, when my now 7 year old was 3 and in preschool (where I taught part time) he told his teachers that his mother was going to China to get a new "wagina". NO idea where that came from. But to say I was mortified, is an understatement. The vote on Babble - Done! Now for the necklace, its beautiful & I could use a circle of love. I have no idea about sanity - I haven't had any for years, so if you find a way to get some, please let me know! Keep up the good work. You are really funny!

Elenka said...

Oooo, long time reader....infrequent commenter...but I would love this necklace.
Can't make you laugh, but I know that I need laughs, often, and since I don't get them in real life too much, I find that watching America's Funniest Videos is the only thing I ever see that make me laugh right out loud.
Something about a guy getting his nuts slammed accidentally makes me laugh....outloud.

PsychoSecretary said...

I am commenting. I will twitter shortly... LOVE LOVE LOVE that necklace... her work is amazing.. and you.. well, you are amazing.. I do not know you personally, but I believe you can pick up the pieces and try again.. (aaliyah reference sorry)...

best wishes.

Michelle said...

Would love the necklace.....even more so if one of the charms was a glass of vodka. Appropriate, no? Thanks!

LivewithFlair said...

I want this necklace! How beautiful! And, to answer your question about how to maintain your sanity, I rely on PRAYER! Lots and lots of it. Seriously! I was walking my little girls to school, and it seemed so barren and depressing. I remembered a prayer from the ancient prophet Habakkuk (I know I'm crazy! Who thinks of Habakkuk?) It helped me: http://livewithflair.blogspot.com/2011/02/this-morning-i-recall-prayer-of-prophet.html

Heather said...

Prayer AND chocolate. Forgot to mention that :)

Julie said...

I would like to win as well, but my charm of choice has to be cheap red wine. The more boxes of it, the better. The easiest way for me to smile is by reading a Jen Lancaster book. Give it a shot (or shots, if so inspired!).

WV LeAnn said...

I want the necklace, it's absolutely beautiful and I never win anything. I too think Frank would love for me to have it even thought the little turkey doesn't even know me nor do you. I'm in a similiar situation that you are and I find solace in music, vodka and/or wine, friends, taking drives, and crying as often as I want. I too tell myself over and over "this too shall pass"!!!!!!!

TTUNNELL said...

I can has necklace?!?

WV LeAnn said...

I just went over and voted for YOU too........

duffylou said...

I always vote for you, but vote for someone else? The horror! But I will because you asked nicely. And I would like to be considered for the necklace give away please. So in other words, I am kissing up.

My advice to get through this rough patch is to try and keep busy. Other than the days chocolate and the covers over your head take over, keeping busy helped me a lot.

My wv: cowting Is is that a mash for cowtipping? or is it cowpouting?

DawnA said...

Shot of vodka discount is one I could get on board with! Love the necklace.
dawniawnie (a) aol (dot) com

MommyTime said...

I would LOVE to have that necklace. I've wanted one for a very long time.

As for making you laugh, here's a joke for you, made up by my very own preschooler (based on the classic involving a whole bunch of bananas, followed by an orange, as in "orange you glad I didn't say banana again?"):

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Tree who?>
Tree, aren't you glad I didn't say muffin?!

(Just in case I'm lucky: mommysmartini AT gmail DOT com)

Anonymous said...

I'll try to make you chuckle: When my firstborn son, an only child at the time, was a preschooler, about halfway into the school year I volunteered to chaperone their very first class trip. I sat in the bus seat across from his teacher who proceeded to ask me who was watching the baby. "Baby?" I replied. Teacher said, "Yes, (insert my son's name)'s baby brother Jeff!" Well, that was news to me as the preschooler was my only child. Seems my little guy had the teacher convinced for months that he actually had a baby brother, he named the kid Jeff and told stories about his baby brother, yet neither I nor my husband had ever heard a word about this brother from our son at home. (Perhaps foreshadowing on his part; 3 years later, my firstborn did become a big brother -- though we did not name our 2nd son Jeff!). ;)

Not liking posting my email, so skip my entry for the necklace. More just wanted to try to offer a chuckle to you, as your blog has lifted my spirits many a day.

Heather B said...

This necklace is so cool! I would love to win but even if I don't I'm still so going to check these out for gifts!!

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

Love the necklace. I'd make you laugh, but I've got nothing. Nothing.

Mona Baker said...

would love to win, enjoy your blog

Deb said...

-->That's a cool necklace to win.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, LOVE this necklace.

Sharon Rose said...

Sing really loud in the mall bathrooms! They echo and people think your crazy! It's kind of fun to see their expressions.

Okay, maybe you shouldn't do that. But you could go inside and pay for your gas instead of paying at the pump. When the cashier asks is that all, you say, "No, I'd like an order of fries and extra ketchup."

Okay, I don't think I'm being funny. But gosh I am really trying to lighten your heart!

Sodermoto said...

I voted for you at Babble. And as for a funny story, I am kinda lacking in the funny department. I can tell you what my baby has eaten today, or how many times my dogs have gone outside, but my interaction with actual adults is kinda limited. :) But it is great to be able to come and read your blog when ever I have a free moment like now as I am listening to my baby scream at the top of his lungs because he doesn't want to take his afternoon nap. Good times, good times.

Zephyr said...

I love this necklace... of course i love anything that reminds me of my newfound hope. :)

Unknown said...

I need some hope (it's school break which is great for teachers but not for moms), and I don't think it's too late for this contest. I'll tweet it too, although everyone in Europe is probably sleeping.

Cindy B said...

Tweets are not me. My best friend just told me she missed her (soon to be ex) husband - on garbage day.

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