It was futile. I knew it from the start

I TRIED to get Munchie to pick a winner in Sara's book contest in a clever way, but he was like an obstinate child.

So I had my OTHER obstinate child hold his paw and press the randomizer button.

And Superman WON!!! (Well, Clark Kent, but we know all about that clever disguise, don't we???)

Winner #2 to be announced tomorrow. I am convinced I can get Munchie to pick a number.


duffylou said...

Little Munchie could not be any cuter if he tried.

Brian Miller said...

you have an amazingly talented...cat...

Lynn MacDonald said...

That's one decisive cat!!

Two Demented Dames said...

Cat's never do what you want them to do they? Kind of like my daughters.

Jenean said...

Put some cat nip on the key board :)

Irish Gumbo said...

Munchie's got some freaky eyes. Still cute, though :)

Sue said...

I love Munchie and tabby kitties in general!

Take care, Sue

SherilinR said...

my cat chases wadded up paper balls. you could write stuff on them, then crinkle them up & throw & see which one kitty gets first.

Alexandra said...

WHAT a cute kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rico Swaff said...

Haha that cat looks awesome.

Captain Dumbass said...

He looks murderous in that third picture.

slow panic said...

pick me munchie!!! pick me!!

Jen said...

Cute and clever kitten! I doubt mune would choose even if I held him over the keyboard...

Notes From ABroad said...

I think the key to training or asking a cat to do anything is to tell him Not to do it.
At least that worked with ours.

He is so cute.

Sharon Rose said...

I think that I shall never see. . .
A Kitty as cute as little Munchie!

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