When the going gets tough, it’s time to bring out the Stop Light.

Last week I came home from school feeling as if I had been run over by a truck. Run over by a big truck full of five year-olds that backed up and ran over me again.

Twenty years of teaching reminded me that it was time to mix it up. If you aren’t able to keep up with the music, sometimes you need to change the way you’re dancing!

I spent most of Tuesday evening making a larger than life stoplight, labeling 21 clothespins, planning new games, structuring every single activity that we do and had high hopes that I could regain control over a class that I loved. (Well, I loved them for at least 75 days. Let’s just say that.)

On Wednesday morning we held a class meeting and discussed the stoplight, discussed the rules AGAIN, made and signed a new rules poster and together agreed on consequences for landing in the red light zone.

And you know what happened? Yep. An angel, well twenty-one angels to be exact, got their wings.

Oh sure, Frank moved his pin around and around the stop sign many times during the day for various infractions that I’m convinced he committed only so he could MOVE HIS PIN, but the good news is he served the punishment(s) that we had all agreed upon.

And the tiny little incident involving Suzy passing her Barbie doll around the room during Show and Tell so that everyone could smell the perfume on her “boobies”? Well, that was just a reminder that I need to pay closer attention during Show and Hell.

Cheese-us. (It couldn't ALL go well now, could it?)


slow panic said...

Those Barbies are always asking for trouble.

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- Thank God for teachers like you. As a mom, I am so grateful for all you do for each child.

Joanie said...

Show and hell. Love it!

Joanie said...

Hey! You're #51! You're almost on the first page! I voted but I don't know if it got counted today.

duffylou said...

Perfume on Barbie's boobies? Better watch that little Suzy. If she brings Ken in for show and hell, no telling where he's perfumed!

Mishelle said...

Having being hit by that particular truck I sympathize... Hope you are feeling better soon! They can't beat you totally down, eventually you get it back!


Suzy said...

From one Suzy to another, I worry about her.

Brian Miller said...

nice..yes we have experience moving the clothespin around the atop light...smiles.

yogurt said...

Fess up. Did you smell Barbie's boobies?

Lynn MacDonald said...

I've heard of smells coming from girls...but not usually from the boobs! My Barbies were never like that...I totally got ripped off! Oh Suzy...she's trying to beat Frank

That Janie Girl said...

Barbie's boobies smell?

Sheesh. I'm way toooooo ollllddddd.

The Empress said...

oh my gosh, show and hell. you are too funny.

and yes, I think Frank did commit traffic crimes just to move his pin. I totally get him.

kristi said...

Poor Barbie. No excitement other than the boobs...she has zero holes.

MiMi said...

Oh holy cats, batman. <--- i just made that up and it sounds stupid.
Anyway. The boobies thing. Laughing out LOUD for reals.

Anonymous said...

Love the stop light idea. Does it work for psychotic patients as well. I might have to introduce this idea at the hospital.

Voices in My Head said...

Your stories inspire me to go back to my own kindergarten classroom with a renewed sense of humor!

Pastor Sharon said...

Love the stoplight! It's brilliant.

Regarding show and hell, what is Suzy up to these days? Is she competing with Frank or is she trying to carve her own niche here?

Better keep an eye on that one.

Mrs. E said...

If Frank and Susie become a couple-- you've got problems!

Sue said...

You are the best kindergarden teacher ever! I wish more people realized how much time and money our teachers spend of their own. You are truly a gift to all in your classroom.

Take care, Sue

Mad Housewife said...

Barbie is a ho. You gotta watch out for that one!

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

C'mon, Barbie likes the red light...the 'ho

Baaaarbie..you don't have put on the red light..

Irish Gumbo said...

In my experience, perfume on the boobies is sometimes a most wonderful thing...just not on Barbie's. :)

Gigi said...

I need one of those for the office. I swear some of these attorneys act like kindergartner's sometimes.

Adrienne said...

Suzy obviously thought it was Show and Smell.

Homschlr4ever said...

First of all, the comments about Barbie, hilarious everyone. Irish Gumbo, that remark rocked. Mad Housewife, Barbie is a ho. I wonder what Suzy's mom would of thought. I tell all my parents, if you believe half of what the kids tell you about me, I'll believe half of what they tell me about you.

a Broad said...

We won't speak of what my disgusting baby brother did with my Barbie.
You know, the one that I threw away ..

jane said...

You crack me up! I stumbled upon you a couple of weeks ago and have spent just about every spare moment (just ask my family) reading your blog. It's been worth the shelves staying dusty and the laundry staying dirty.
Keep it up!
By the way, I'm quite certain Frank's cousin is in my class!

Trish@Show and Tell said...

Well now that sniffing boobies has been introduced to the class....I can see a few more red light offenses heading your way.

Trish@Show and Tell (sadly, not Show and Hell)

Button said...

All I can say is "Bless your heart!" I teach 8th graders and the things I see/hear/witness are NOTHING compared to what you have with your kindergarteners! You keep me laughing!

Hollywood Farm said...

Waaaaaahhaaa show and hell! Waaahaaaaa!
Hear ye, hear ye, I don't do field trips.

dearheart said...

Show and hell! Ha! Good luck with the stoplight. It worked (mostly) like a charm for me during my whopping two years of teaching.

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