It's ERF day!

We spent the day discussing great ways to help "da erf", and spent the day picking up garbage; feeding the compost bins; planting seeds in eggshells; brainstorming ways to help the "erf" live longer; and drew pictures of all the things we would be doing do help in those efforts.

We created Earth Day hats out of our recycled newspapers, and then made sun catchers out of all the glue at the bottom of our old glue bottles.

"The sun goes through the circles and it's like a PRISON of light!" That Stanley is brilliant.

We love finding fun ways to enhance our learning, and when a great holiday pops-up, it provides us a great springboard for our lessons.

If you are participating in any activities to celebrate our amazing "erf", you can head over to the Earth Day Facebook page and add your thoughts!

And now if you'll excuse me, I have to go explain to Frank that pigs do NOT really lay bacon.

Wish me luck.


Rick Daley said...

Mmmmmm. Bacon.

SherilinR said...

these kinds of holidays are great excuses to do fun crafty stuff with kids. i like your egg-plants.

Dawn said...

Do you have to explain it to Frank... or the other kids he has now misinformed?? LOL

Brian Miller said...

if pigs laid bacon i'd farm...stanley rocks...ha...cool stuff VM, grow those kids up right...

Bobbi said...

A prison of life! That's great!

Betsy said...

love those baby words that stick. We still say them here at home even those the child outgrew them long ago! ha. Erf! love it.

yogurt said...

are those sun catchers drying in the cupcake papers? and thanks for teaching our next generation about the importance of erf. Erf on!

Lili said...

Erf Day rules!

anymommy said...

What? Pigs don't lay bacon? I'm crushed.

a Broad said...

I would like to hear what you come up with that sounds better than Pigs laying bacon .. Reality certainly is not going to be a part of this explanation ..
Happy Erf Day ..

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