Mermaids aren't only in Neverland.

Suzy has been talking about mermaids since the first day of school.

In fact, when we discussed our hopes and dreams for the year she was the one who wanted to learn how to be a mermaid. In ALL honesty. In Kid Writing she draws and writes about mermaids almost every day. Her commitment to the mermaid culture is apparently contagious, as several of the other girls in the class who have admired her “mermaidness” have decided to join her club and now THEY draw about mermaids every single day.

It was during Show and Tell last week when Suzy took the coveted spot in the rocking chair.

“These are my two favorite mermaids. I got them last year, I sleep with them every, every night, and I play with them every day. Are there any questions or comments?” And a billion hands flew up. ("Do you sleep with it???" No one listens.)

Upon the completion of Show and Hell, the children all played with their various sharing items and it was basically a free for all. (Par for the course.)

I gave them time to explore the new toys, and then let them know it was time to clean up and prepare to go to lunch. Suzy grabbed the mermaids from her “mermaids in waiting” and ran up to me panting.

“Mrs. Smythe!” she yelled, as she thrust the two mermaids towards me. “I want you to send my mermaids to Japan with the other stuff.”

I looked at her, stunned. “Are you SURE, Suzy? Think about it. I know how much they mean to you.”

She smiled a huge smile, and said “YEAH! I want to give them to the kids in Japan who lost their stuff!”

She turned, walked toward the mountain of supplies and toys donated by the kids, and placed them gently on top. She turned toward me, smiled a HUGE smile, and ran away.

And while I KNOW that we don’t run in the classroom, I watched her run across the room with a tear in my eye. That gesture, that tiny gesture, spoke to me.

That is the kind of stuff you can’t really teach. THAT gesture, that kindness comes from within. You know?

Now pass a tissue. It still chokes me up.


Momo Fali said...

Kids can teach adults a lot if we just stop long enough to see it.

Unknown said...

That is amazing - I love how giving her heart is at such a young age. I hope she keeps that spirit for a long, long time!

Sue said...

THANK YOU for such a beautiful post! After working the past four days in "retail hell" with rude, self centered, obnoxious adults, your little "Mermaid Lover" warmed my heart more than you know. I love little kids. Why do they have to grow-up, I want to keep them little!I always tell my four year old little granddaughter Riley, "you can't get any older, promise"? And she always smiles and says, "I promise Gramma"!!

Take care, Sue

Sharon Rose said...

That kindness is the kind that comes from deep inside the heart. Wow! That's something you can't buy or sale. Good thing I have removed my make-up. Tears would have done it anyway.

Suzy said...

So 2 mermaids are going to a country where a lot of people drowned. That might take some 'splainin.

(Some people look for a silver lining, I look for ways I can get in trouble)

Pseudo said...

I Loved This.

I had a moment like that yesterday Vodka, cannot put it on my blog as too specific an event and would trace back to me...

For my students last writing assignment of Q3 I had them enter the B&N contest, "My favorite Teacher." The curriculum coordinator is much loved at our school, spends enormous amount of time helping all kids, but especially the ones who live in the projects. Anyway, one of the students who wrote her a thank-you letter won and yesterday he read it at B & N to her in front of a crowd. The entire store was filled with students who had been touched by her. Not a dry eye in the house.

Also. The same week that she heard she had won, she was diagnosed with cancer.... the love those kids showed her - if they could bottle it it would solve a lot of world problems.

SherilinR said...

aw! sweet, sweet, generous girl!
you think she'll get new ones now?

SkylersDad said...

Oh man, that is really great! (wipes tear away)

Mrs. E said...

Pass the tissues! I know that young lady is going to be just fine in this world! (And the world needs more people like her in it!)

J.J. in L.A. said...

What a sweetheart! Her parental units (and teacher) are doing something right. : )

Dawn said...

Such a caring heart!

(I think I might call her parents first just to make sure it was okay with them...)

Brian Miller said...

you made my night VM

Lora said...

what an amazing and generous heart she has -- how blessed will everyone be who crosses her path!

now if you'll pardon me, i'll take those tissues back to wipe the tears from MY eyes.

ChiTown Girl said...

Oh, how unbelievably sweet!

Casey Freeland said...

That is why there is always hope.



Gigi said...

What a very special girl! We could definitely use more like her in the world.

WeaselMomma said...

What a sweetheart!

Suzy just made me smile and improved my day with her generosity and loving.

Tell her I said thanks.

Unknown said...

A little girl with a huge heart!

25BAR said...

Vodka mom! I like the sound of that!

Notes From ABroad said...

Starting my day with tears and a smile.
God bless the children ......

Angela said...

What a way to start a Monday morning...crying at my desk!!!Thank you for sharing this, what a wonderful and loving little girl.

Diana of Windmasters Hill said...

That is the sweetest story.

Errin said...

When I was really little I wanted to be Michael Jackson when I grew up. To clarify, i did not want to be like Michael Jackson...I wanted to BE MJ. I'm not sure when i realized the difference.... Anyway, thanks for the story, its nice to have little reminders that the world just might NOT be going to hell. We need more mermaids in the world I guess...

Anonymous said...

Oh crap now I'm choked up too. Big fat tears are falling on my keyboard. I hope I don't get electrocuted.

jessica said...

pass a tissue is right- omg typing through tears right now!
thanks for that.

Stacie@hometownperch said...

What a great moment! Sweet girl.

Karen Harrington said...

That is so touching. And hopeful. :)

Betsy Brock said...

Aw...that was SO sweet!

Melissa B. said...

Moments like these make all the crapola we teachers put up with worth it, don't they? *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Aw - bless her little heart

Anonymous said...

So wise and smart for you to recognize the light in that little one. And share it with us...!

This is why I keep going back to my classroom. Makes it all worth it.

Elenka said...

That's the best part of teaching, when we actually learn from the kids. I love it.

Lili said...

That is beautiful :)

Hang tight Honey. It ain't over til the fat lady sings-and I have not put on my makeup yet :)


Voices in My Head said...

A moment like this can erase all the irritating ones. I was teary eyed as I read this. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful moment.

Lynn MacDonald said...

Sometimes, i suppose it's all worth it!

Queen Mahin said...

This warmed my heart today. Thank you. Suzy has the right idea.

Ellie Belen Ambrose said...

It is beautiful when someone wants to spread the joy. Her huge smile says volumes. It wasn't a sacrifice to her. It was a way to send her mermaids across the world, to spread the joy, and recruit more girls into her ever growing loving mermaids club.

DGB said...

Wow. That's really sweet. I hope my kids are like that someday.

Paige said...

that is so sweet. someone did right with that one. I still want to be a mermaid when I grow up

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