Everything but the kitchen sink. (And perhaps the cat.)

Well, it appears that I have to find a lot of money in a very little amount of time. There are several reasons for this, and none of them have to do with good overcoming evil. (If I thought for ONE MINUTE that this money was going to the person who it's really intended for, I wouldn't blink for a minute. Well, I might still cry my eyes out, but I wouldn't blink. No blinking.)

However, I have often felt that I am an extremely resourceful person when the case warrants it. And this time, it really, really does.

So, in the spirit of all that is crazy, unpredictable and painful, I have decided to try to sell as many things as I can to help with the large sum that I have been asked to pay someone who shall remain unnamed.


Now, because you are all my faithful readers, friends, relatives, listeners, supporters and advisors, I thought I'd either give you FIRST DIBS on what is going on the market at the huge yard sale/craigslist extravaganza this weekend, or perhaps you could advise me about how much I should allow these precious heirlooms go for. After all, it's only stuff. (Sure, most of it all belonged to my dearly departed loving parents, but it's only stuff. And perhaps this is what it was intended for all along.)

Oh sure, I was never given anything of any value for birthdays or Christmases these last 22 years, but I am incredibly grateful for these amazing children that I love with all my heart. I can't get a nickel for them myself, but that's another post entirely and it's best saved for the future. (Say in about 17.5 months.)

After retrieving most of our belongings over the weekend, I started opening many dust-covered boxes that had been tucked in an attic for many years. I stumbled across some items that I'm hoping might help get me out of this tight situation. (And when I say tight, I mean car dying, unexpected taxes owed, Sassy's additional car repairs, Sassy's missing school loan, and two tow truck bills tight...) Let me know what you think.

First, I have a wide variety of comic books that I discovered my mother hadn't sold AFTER ALL. (I was convinced she sold all that I owned after I graduated from college. At least she CLAIMED she had. Apparently I was wrong.)

Bobby Sherman. BOBBY SHERMAN ladies!!! (sigh)

Second, I found these old Life magazines- in amazing condition. Marilyn, Robert, Ted and Joan and Christina Ford all appear on the various covers. (Does someone want to offer me $2,550.00 for the lot? Anyone??)

Then, I have the box of 45's that my sister and I played so often that I can't believe they're still intact. The box, however, isn't. (For those of you infants, they are called RECORDS and we played them on a box that had a circle thingy that would spin with a needle that would READ the music and play it!! Cheezus, that sounded complicated.)

Now, if none of those items interest you, I have a set of wedding rings that I'm pretty sure I paid for MYSELF out of the small inheritance I received after my mother died. (The remainder of which I used to pay for the wedding, reception, his ring and too many things to mention. Don't say it. I offered, so please don't say it.) I'll throw in the wedding gown, veil, puffy slip and shoes. Oh sure, they're 22 years old and slightly used, but they might make a nifty Halloween costume. (Size 6).

Okay, I'm opening bids at $1,000,000. Or one dollar. What say you?

(And if you an spot Munchie among the animals that the girls are selling, you win the free set of Tupperware. There are no LIDS, but you already knew that, didn't you??)


Joanie said...

aw, hell, you can buy replacement lids for the Tupperware. I know this for a fact. I used to be a Tupperware lady.

Good luck with your auction!

Maggie May said...

I wish I could help, I do! I'm in a similar boat. I hope you make your

Joanie said...

when I said "you" I meant whoever (whomever?) buys the Tupperware.

Wish I could help, too, but well, you know... you just hopped into my boat!

Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

You might consider taking the comics to a local comic book store to see if they have any serious real value before putting them out in a yardsale. Or do some research on them via google or eBay. Some comics are worth a pretty penny nowadays!

Lynn MacDonald said...

Def take the comics to a store and find out if they're worth anything... other than that, no can do. I throw away stuff and never collect it but you know i'm your biggest fan, right?

I mean, you know that right?

Sasha said...

Good luck with your "sale". I kept saying I was going to do that too and finally gave it to a local charity (I just wanted rid of it all!). Hopefully someone will give you a good deal on your comics, as some of those seem like they might be worth something. I'll be curious to see how selling your rings goes, I haven't sold mine yet but would LOVE to if I can find the right person/place. I too paid for mine and definitely would like my money back...or at least some portion of it :) Good luck!

Rockabilly Hippie said...

hey I certainly don't have a lot of money but I would like to help! I am a record fiend so I'd love to know more about the vinyl!

noexcuses said...

You might consider getting the rings valued at a reputable jeweler before selling those. Also, does your school district have a classified? Just another way.

Sure wish I could write you a check for what you need right now. We just let go of a big chunk to the IRS.

Do you have insurance policies that you can borrow against? As a last resort, cancel the policy and use the money. There are many insurance companies out there who could sell you a term policy that would cover expenses.

The big guy up there always seems to come through for me for the immediate stuff. Try that. I'll give him a call, too!

Good luck!

Suzy said...

I had 4 "yard" sales after my Dad died and learned no one wants Life Magazines. And he had some old ones.

I agree with everyone else, take the comic books to a store and have them appraised. Have the rings appraised.

Here's a big hint.

DO NOT SELL TO THE FIRST APPRAISER. They count on that. So they underbid. Do not beg, whine, plead or ever tell anyone you need the money because that's the end of the big bids.

Vinyl is worthless without the covers.

I tried to sell my sister's Beatle cards and the Beatle EXPERT (who also turned down the Beatle albums) said they weren't worth anything.

Mellodee said...

Good advice on the comics and the rings. An appraisal could help know the values so that there isn't someone blogging next week...."You won't BELIEVE the treasure I found at this yard sale. The seller had no IDEA what she had....but I did!!"

Wish I could buy your Life magazines! I love seeing history by photograph!

Good luck!

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

What a neat stash. You just need to find the right collector. I hope they are worth LOADS on ebay!!!!

Gold is really high right now, so if you have any junk gold (mismatched earrings, etc)-- make the girls go through their stuff too-- you may be able to get some cash for that. Don't do the send it through the mail thing. I went to a local "art and jewelry exchange store" and did well.

Sell the rings to a reputable jeweler. How about a Pay Pal button on your blog and we each donate $5 to get someone out of your hair?

angie said...

I am so sorry. Are there any flea markets in your area that you could rent a space?

Magpie said...

Gah. So sad, this post. Thinking if you, hoping for your silver lining.

Magpie said...

OF. Thinking OF you.

Brian Miller said...

let me see how much i make at the yard sale we are having on saturday...

Divine Chaos said...

You should really check on Ebay to see how much some of these things are going for. You never know what people might pay a good chunk of change for -- especially the 45s and comic books. I'd find a place that buys gold to get rid of the rings, maybe have the setting taken out of it and try to sell that separately ;) Will keep my fingers crossed for you!

Leslie said...

Blood boiling...you know why.

Anonymous said...

Might want to check into the used book stores for the magazines. As for the comics, online estimating will at let give you a heads up against comic book dealers who will more than likely bid WAY too low.

FAIL said...
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Rockabilly Hippie said...
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Dawn said...

You might want to go to this site to help you.


Also I checked out ebay... looks like the bidding is around $18.00 a piece for the Rin Tin Tin and the Marilyn.

Good luck!

Cheryl D. said...

I'm so sorry you're going through this right now.


Diane J. said...

On the comic books, my husband has been selling and buying comics for over 35 years. Before you go to a comic store (which most sell newer stuff - or want golden age super hero stuff) you can send my husband pictures and he said he would give you an estimate of what they are worth. He was looking at the Jughead Annual and the Bobby Sherman (Jughead is kind of beat, so as long as it has all its pages it may do okay). Also the Bobby Sherman might do well.

He'll give a fair estimate of worth (not an offer to buy). He suggested if you want to sell the comic books the best way to get the most money would be eBay (he's on there, you can check his feedback he's spot on with the condition and grading of the comics - his seller name is doublewide1961). He says listing it as a mixed golden age lot would probably bring the most money. Just have to check the pages, comic people are like super anal about page count.

He'll tell you how many pages the comics are supposed to have and anything else. You can email us at dj1971 (at) comcast (dot) net.

As for records, they're kind of hit and miss. The hardest thing is mailing because they can break so easily. I found some old 50's greek pop 45's and we listed them on ebay, most didn't have sleeves. We figured we start at $9.99, they sold for over $300. Yep, we were shocked. And the guy paid nearly $100 for shipping to Greece. Double check what records you have against sold items on ebay. You never know.

Good luck and sending prayers all works out well.

Caderive said...

Wanted to drop a line to let you know I am wishing you well-
and also to give you a site that has unclaimed money on it that you might be entitled to.


It's a government website that has unclaimed money from wherever you lived in the past- I have personally found my mother over 140 dollars on it and just found my boyfriend 130 on it tonight.

I wish you the best of luck

Anonymous said...

I hope this sale works for you..
Wish I could help....But, my currency would not even be able to buy a Tupperware lid from you, from around here..Why don't you try some online sites? I will tweet and let know the world about this!

Vodka Mom said...

i would never ever complain about child support, and am willingly supporting my son, but I also have the girls and even though they are over 18, they should count as well.

I look forward to Ebay and Craigslist to see how much some of these items go for!

Who knew what treasures were tucked away?

Kerry Ann @Vinobaby's Voice said...

Good luck with your mega sale. Comic books sell well on ebay, you just NEVER know what your going to get for them. Crap you never expected to sell for $1 get snatched up for $50 and item you'd think will trigger a bidding war get left unsold. We got rid of a hunk of my geeky hubby's collected a few years back to get a house down payment. He was devastated to part with his "treasures" but they were just taking up space. Sometimes there are other things are just far more important...


Scope said...

Definately go the eBay route with the comics as a lot and the Time magazines. Think of the time as an investment.

Orlandoescape said...

good luck on your sale and it will be all well worth it.

Captain Dumbass said...

Bobby Sherman! *dreamy eyes*

Live with Flair said...

Oh! Praying! This is a great idea! I agree with the folks talking about selling comics on ebay or taking them to the comics store downtown!!

Notes From ABroad said...

Blood boiling because I think I know why ...

That is so great that Diane has a husband who can help with the comics !! My son has a few (hundred) boxes of comic books that are and will be worth something .. We sold stuff in Portland before we moved .. they have all sorts of stores that buy used clothing .. for the gown etc.
There is also the idea of a Garage sale ?
Ebay is great for just dumping everything you want to sell and can't find the right venue .. or Craigslist ..
Please please let us know how you do as time goes by ...
Sometimes life seems to fekking unfair but it is good to remember, eventually, Everyone gets what is coming to them ...
love you. C

Kyddryn said...

Oh, sugar...

I wish,I wish,I had even a dollar; I'd just send it to ya. Heck, if my oven hadn't recently decided life wasn't worth it and cooked itself, I'd do a bake sale for ya.

I love my records...had to explain to some kid what they were and nearly cried. He also didn't know what a rotary dial phone was. Ouch.

Should a miracle happen, you're top of my list.

Sue said...

I hope to hell this money doesn't have to go to one of your least favorite people! I've been there before. I wish you lived closer and we good hook you up at my store. I just found some old Life magazines I had saved from the 70's and brought them into my store to sale. Not making a fortune on them but something is better than nothing. Hang in there, this too shall pass!

Take care, Sue

As Cape Cod Turns said...

I don't know if I am more concerned that you have to pay so much to dumb ass or that Captain Dumbass is swooning over Bobby Sherman.....

Sara J. Henry said...

Like others have said, eBay for the comics and magazines. Take the time to do your listings carefully (lots of photos and details) - hey, assign GB to the task. Whatever you do, don't let them go at a garage sale or thrift shop for next to nothing - these could be what saves your finances. Hang in there. And I'll let you know when I'm next passing through Oregon (may be early June!).

viridian said...

Maybe we could click on vodkamom's ads and generate some revenue!

Also, do you have a consignment shop in town for better, gently used clothing?

me in the pink said...

Good Lord, sounds like my life! I can get really, really creative with whatever I have left in the pantry by Thursday's!

Do you have any broken "whites"? (fridges, dishwashers, washers, dryers, metal file cabinets - anything metal) I know up here in Mass. the scrap yards are paying some decent $ for them. Pain to haul it, but just last weekend got $76 for a dryer, file cabinet, and other scrap.

(and I hope you have a good lawyer - I can't believe that your 2 girls don't count to balance the child support - they are in school full-time. Up here in Mass, if they are in school, and under 23, child support is enforced).

Sorry you're going through this.

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